USA' Boston Industrial Solution Gets USP Cytotoxicity Certification on STC 370 HP Low Coefficient of Silicone Coating

Global manufacturer and leader of pad printing ink, silicones inks and coatings, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. announces USP Cytotoxicity certification for its Natron™ STC-370HP Low coefficient of silicone coating. This soft touch silicone coating received the L929 MEM Elution Test - USP Certification after undergoing a rigorous in Vitro biological reactivity testing process.

The STC 370 HP silicone coating complies and satisfies the highest coating standards including, EN 71, Reach (EC 1907/2006), and RoHS. This soft touch silicone coating was formulated with sustainability, durability, and no harmful chemicals in mind.

The L929 MEM Elution Test certification defines requirements to ensure that the coating does not have biological reactivity of a mammalian monolayer. After 48 Hours of testing, the STC 370HP Low coefficient of silicone coating had zero (0) reactivity---meaning that it has discrete intracytoplasmic granules, no cell lysis, and no reduction of cell growth. This is the highest grade possible in this test. In addition, this is a great first step towards Class VI medical certification.

The STC 370HP cures to produce a smooth, durable, frictionless, and biocompatible finish. The intended final use for the Natron™ STC 370HP is medical device applications, consumer silicone products, aerospace, and industrial applications. This silicone coating is perfect for both short term and prolonged contact use. The 370HP coating is idea for sprayable and dip coating applications.

Like all Natron™ pad printing inks, screen printing inks, silicone coatings, and elastomers, the STC 370HP has undergone rigorous testing to ensure perfect bonding onto silicone rubber substrates.

Some of the key features for the STC 370HP soft touch coatings are:

  • Reduces silicone surface tackiness (coefficient of friction) to Zero (0)
  • Reduces fiction (the coated product is friction resistant)
  • Dust proofs, makes coated silicone products lint resistant and easy to clean coated surfaces
  • Provides protective layer for printed silicone inks, etc.

This new coating ink is a great addition for silicone molding manufacturers, prosthetics industry, consumer electronic industry, aerospace, medical device manufacturers, etc. All these industries worldwide can now take advantage of the benefits offered by the Natron™ 370HP Coating economic value, functionality, and durability.

To learn about the Natron STC 370HP Coating, please click here.

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