Universal Joint Manufacturer Belden Inc. Achieves ISO 9001:2000 Certification

Broadview (Chicago), Illinois, January 2008. Universal joint manufacturer Belden Inc. has been in preparation to achieve ISO 9001:2000 certification and has now successfully completed registration for 2007. Belden Inc.’s quality management system is process-oriented and focused on continuous improvement of customer satisfaction. Through ISO 9001:2000 registration, Belden will continue to demonstrate its long-standing commitment to quality and service. ISO 9001:2000 registration was issued by EAGLE Registrations, Inc. EAGLE is accredited by ANSI-ASQ (ANAB).

About Belden:

Belden Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality, precision universal joints and power transmission assemblies. Going back to 1939, when three brothers opened a precision machine shop, the company rapidly expanded through the development of an extensive product line. Belden provides high-performance solutions to a vast number of industries with a focus on custom universal joints and drive shaft assemblies, made exclusively to customers’ exact specifications. The company’s specialty lies in these custom assemblies, and unique manufacturing processes give Belden the flexibility to produce small batches just as cost-effectively as high volume standard universal joints. Belden supplies an extensive line of high-quality precision universal joints with complete shaft assemblies as well as couplings for a wide range of customers with unique applications. These applications include steering and shift linkage assemblies for specialty vehicles as well as industrial and off-road vehicles, aerospace, packaging/converting and conveying equipment, food processing equipment, steel roll forming and leveling equipment, machine tools and woodworking equipment for the furniture industry, and OEM machine tools. Materials include high grade alloy, all grades of stainless steel, naval brass and aluminium.

Belden Inc.
2500 Braga Drive
Broadview, Illinois 60155
Tel.: 708 344 4600
Fax: 708 344 0245
E-mail: info@beldenuniversal.com
Internet: www.beldenuniversal.com

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