Unique Application Creates Innovative Ergonomic Lift Table Solution

Guelph, Ontario, Canada – In October of 2013, Pentalift was approached by a large provider of contract sterilization using gamma irradiation. The company was looking for a solution to their unique application which would pair a man lift, or work platform, with a pallet lift. Both units would need to be controlled by a single custom control panel located on the work platform, as would the powered sliding bridge at the rear of the man lift.

"We've included a custom interlock to the bridge," explains David Culham, Lift Table Sales Manager at Pentalift. "This smart technology will not permit the powered sliding bridge to operate unless the bridge has cleared the height of the facility's existing conveyor, and will not permit the work platform to lower below the height of the conveyor unless the powered bridge is fully retracted."

For each of the customer's work cells, Pentalift designed a 'U' shaped work platform which envelopes the pallet lift for ease of handling. The lifts operate in conjunction with each other and are fitted with accordion bellows to keep debris from entering the underside of the lift tables.

"For this application, each lift table has its own custom power unit and each power unit is equipped with an oil cooler for continuous operation." says Mike Earle, National Sales Manager.  "In addition, the lift tables received a custom two color paint finish to match the customer's existing production equipment."

The 'U' shaped Lift platform is 10' wide x 12' long; it rises up to 6' and lifts 1,000 lb. The double scissor lift is 4' wide x 6' long; rises up to 8.5' and lifts 2,500 lb. The ergonomic design, a feature which is engineered into all of Pentalift's custom positioning equipment, allows for optimum efficiency in loading and unloading the pallet lift.

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