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Uninterruptible Induction Heating Power Supply

Press release date: Jan 13, 2014

Irwin, PA – Mesta's uninterruptible induction heating power supply offers customers an optional built in interruptible function that provides battery backup protection of their critical applications. This can be extremely important if the customer is in an area with an unreliable utility or having work pieces that require constant power over a series of days or even weeks at a time. The "Built in UPS Function" eliminates the need for a large UPS to power the customer's furnace. Incoming Utility power is connected directly to the Mesta power supply, which is greater than 97% efficient. The additional power usage and heat generation of a large UPS is eliminated. This approach greatly increases the reliability and efficiency of the customer's overall system.

When the AC line is present the system receives power from the utility to support the load, while it charges the DC source (i.e. batteries) at a precise rate. During a power/utility failure, the energy flow reverses to support the load. This bidirectional energy flow is achieved through an intelligent power control, which results in a seamless operation.

Our induction heating inverters will control the output voltage better than one part per 16,000 or 0.00625%. In a typical output of 500 Volts, the system will be able to control the output voltages within +/- 0.03125 Volts. With a typical output power of 50 kW, the system will be able to control the output power within +/-3.125 Watts. This outstanding control allows the customer to precisely control any parameter, yielding the most accurate results.

At Mesta we produce cutting-edge technology and products that emerge from our outstanding engineering and production teams. We strive to make advanced technology, high reliability and customer satisfaction synonymous with the Mesta name. For more information contact: Jim Machin.

Jim Machin
Mesta Electronics, Inc.