Unfors RaySafe, a Fluke Biomedical Company, Celebrates 1,000 Real-time Dosimetry System Installations

EVERETT, Washington - Unfors RaySafe, the global leader of X-ray quality assurance solutions, celebrated its 1,000th installation of the RaySafe i2 dose management system at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna, Austria.

The RaySafe i2 is an active dosimetry system that gives real-time insight about personal radiation exposure. By giving real-time, easily accessible data about their radiation exposure, the RaySafe i2 allows medical staff to immediately change their behavior to minimize dose.

Personal dose management is an essential component of RaySafe's radiation safety philosophy. It is a key ingredient necessary for a facility to achieve a culture of radiation safety, one of the company's core missions. In fact, a study by the University of Rochester showed a 50 percent reduction in staff dose over a nine-month period as the result of using these real-time personal dosimeters.

"This is a huge milestone for us," explains Magnus Kristoferson, CEO for Unfors RaySafe. "We're thrilled to see the RaySafe i2 system gaining momentum around the world, and this is only the beginning. This is part of the continuing commitment of Fluke Biomedical and Unfors RaySafe to driving industry innovation and value through bringing ground breaking solutions to the market and to our customers."

These 1,000 installations include systems sold through partners including Philips Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare and Toshiba Medical Systems.

"The RaySafe i2 helps keep people safe. In my opinion, there is no greater investment a company can make than in the safety of its employees," Bart LeClou, Personal Dosimetry Business Area Manager for Unfors RaySafe added.

To learn more, visit the Fluke Biomedical booth 335 in expo C at ECR. You can also get more information or request a quote or demo at www.flukebiomedical.com/i2.

About Unfors RaySafe, a Fluke Biomedical company

RaySafe helps you avoid unnecessary radiation.

Unfors RaySafe is the global leader of X-ray quality assurance solutions to help protect patients and staff from unnecessary radiation. Our solutions are designed to minimize the need for user interaction, bringing unprecedented simplicity and usability to the X-ray room. We're committed to establishing a radiation safety culture wherever technicians, medical staff and patients encounter radiation. For more information on Unfors RaySafe, visit www.raysafe.com.

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Fluke Biomedical is the premier, global provider of test and measurement equipment and services to the healthcare industry. We serve biomedical engineers, quality-assurance technicians, medical physicists, oncologists and radiation-safety professionals and are continually expanding our range of solutions to a broader range of health and safety professionals. For more information on Fluke Biomedical, visit www.flukebiomedical.com.

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