Ultra-Low Temperature Recording for Freezer Validation



Recording temperature in freezers is important in the storage of blood plasma, vaccines, pharmaceuticals and frozen foods. The temperature of these types of regulated products needs to be maintained in order to control quality.


It is essential to be able to provide documentation demonstrating that the appropriate storage conditions for temperature sensitive goods have been met and maintained over time. More than one temperature monitor may be required to map the temperature in larger freezers. Temperature validation is commonly done as part of a complete installation and operation qualification of the freezer.


• Monitor Freezers at Ultra-Low Temperature - The temperature recorder needs to be able to monitor freezers down to dry ice temperature

• Have Visual Indicators for Out-of-Limits Temperature Conditions-Programmable alarms should be available which trigger a visual indicator if the temperature approaches or goes out of assigned limits

• High Accuracy - The measuring device should have high accuracy in order to effectively validate the freezer temperature profile

The OM-CP-CRYO-TEMP ultra-low temperature data logger records temperatures as low as -86°C (-122°F). The OM-CP-CRYO-TEMP can be used in a broad line of applications such as monitoring blood plasma, vaccines, pharmaceutical and frozen foods. This stand-alone device does not require any additional probes. The enclosure is designed with a handle for easy attachment and is IP65 splash resistant.

It utilizes a USB docking station (sold separately), to communicate with a personal computer or laptop. The OM-CP-CRYO-TEMP provides date and time stamped temperature readings. Our easy-to-use Windows® software does the rest. The user can view the data in graphical or tabular form. High and low alarm limits and high and low warning limits can be programmed through the software.

The user can set the alarm limits in the range required for the goods to be maintained. The warning limits can be set to alert the user when the temperature is nearing a high or low alarm limit, so that proper action can be taken to ensure the integrity of the goods.

The OM-CP-CRYO-TEMP is equipped with three LED’s. The green LED will blink every 15 seconds while the recorder is logging data. The yellow LED will blink every 3 seconds when the temperature has breached the warning limits. The red LED will blink every 3 seconds when the temperature alarm limits have been exceeded.

The OM-CP-CRYO-TEMP is the ideal temperature monitoring solution for any application involving ultra-low temperature recording.

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