Tyco Strengthens Local Capabilities to Fit the Unique Vertical Markets Needs

SHANGHAI, – Tyco, the world's largest pure-play fire and security company, today participated in the 12th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security (Security China), showcasing its industry solutions including Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform for Banking Finance, Airports, Oil Gas, Railway Transportation, Intelligent Building, and Logistics. The company demonstrated its wide product portfolio with industry leading technologies, especially Tyco's integrated solutions customized and catered for key vertical segments that enable local customers with extraordinary safety and security experience. Some of the key highlights are:

* Banking and finance solutions are specifically designed for banking branches, auto teller machines (ATM), server rooms and bank offices that include CCTV system, access control system, electronic article surveillance (EAS), intruder alarm system, alarm monitoring service, wireless identification system and system integration * Airport security management solutions are tailored to the airport's dynamic and critical environment. Some of the key solutions and features integrate video surveillance and threat detection, access control and integrated security management, physical security information management, store loss prevention and intelligent fire alarm system * Overall solutions for petrochemical industry include unique solutions that combine and handle intruder detection, critical asset protection, access control system, alarm alerting, K-grade hydraulic door, video surveillance, remote offline monitoring and real-time location system * Intelligent building solutions unify safety and security measures with building controls into overall security system, and they enable ELV assembly, energy savings, after-sales services, access control, lighting control and intelligent monitoring through central management interface * Surveillint™ (PSIM) emergency command and control platform, a leading crisis and situation management solution in physical and logical security, integrates and connect existing core systems and technologies into a centralized command and control center to ensure that all events and data information are now centralized and integrated from separate silo systems. It then analyzes centralized and collated data and forwards right info to right people using unified process and security policies. It ultimately directs and controls actions to quickly respond to an incident or emergency while providing recorded evidence and management reports "In the past 30 years, Tyco has been servingChina market, providing the class-leading security protection for cities, governments, enterprises, households and individuals," said Benny Goh, President, Tyco Asia. "With the advancements and developments in Safe and Smart City, the security industry inChina has come to a critical stage of growth. Continued urbanization and infrastructure investments bring more opportunities to the Fire and Security industry inChina. Tyco will continue to strengthen our China commitment by addressing four strategic areas aimed at driving growth: Think Global Act Local focused on vertical market growth leveraging on Integrated Solutions, Local Talent Development, Customized Offerings, and Strategic Partnerships."

"As a industry leader in fire and security, Tyco is committed to create integrated solutions to fit the unique needs of vertical markets and help our customers improve their business operation in smarter and more efficient ways. With our broad product portfolio, extensive industry experiences globally, and world-class RD capabilities and talent, we will further drive vertical market developments and expand into tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Together with our strategic partners, we will provide seamless security experiences for a broader customer base," Roger Fei, General Manager of Tyco Security, China, added.


Tyco is the world's largest pure-play Fire Protection and Security Company. Tyco provides more than three million customers around the globe with the latest fire protection and security products and services. A company with $10+ billion in revenue, Tyco has more than 57,000 employees in more than 1,000 locations across 50 countries serving various end markets, including commercial, institutional, governmental, retail, industrial, energy, residential and small business.

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