Tyco's Attic Sprinklers Provide Superior Fire Protection

Designers can now more efficiently protect an attic space while reducing costs

LANSDALE, Pa., USA – For more than 20 years, Tyco Fire Protection Products, a division of Tyco (NYSE: TYC) and a global leader in fire suppression technologies, has been leading the way in attic fire protection. Tyco Attic Sprinklers boast extensive fire testing for sloped combustible concealed spaces.

Fire protection in spaces, such as attics, presents unique challenges. The configuration of most attics can cause narrow heat channeling in the event of a fire. In addition, heat traveling up the steeply slope of a ceiling may not activate the right sprinklers. Sprinkler systems need to be designed in such a way where these areas are effectively protected with regard to methods and materials of construction. Tyco®’s Specific Application Attic Sprinklers provide such a design.

Tyco®’s Specific Application Attic Sprinklers provide superior fire protection and address the challenges that roofline and attic spaces can provide. They have undergone the most extensive fire testing ever performed for sloped attic spaces and are UL Listed with their specific application guidelines for use as special sprinklers as defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

In addition, Tyco®’s Specific Application Attic Sprinklers provide a significant cost savings by minimizing costs associated with material and installation labor for standard spray sprinklers and allowing for the use of CPVC in attics.

Tyco®’s Specific Application Attic Sprinklers are the first sprinklers to be:

  • Listed for extended coverage in combustible construction

  • Full-scale fire tested in both wet and dry system scenarios

  • Full-scale tested for use in wood truss construction

  • Listed for specific roof slopes

“An important aspect of the Specific Application Attic Sprinkler technology is the reduction in system volume,” said Robert Cordell, Global Product Manager at Tyco Fire Protection Products. “The design allows for better fire protection while having to install fewer sprinklers and branch lines which, in most cases, reduces the cost of installation.”

The Tyco® Model BB (Back to Back), SD (Single Directional), HIP, and AP (Attic Plus) “Specific Application Sprinklers For Protecting Attics” are fire sprinklers for combustible and non-combustible sloped attic spaces. The Model BB, SD, and HIP are Specific Application Attic Sprinklers. The Model AP, however, is a Specific Application Combustible Concealed Space Sprinkler having specific application criteria for its use with the Model BB, SD, and HIP in attic spaces.

Tyco® Model AP (Attic Plus), BB (Back to Back), HIP and SD (Single Directional) For additional information regarding Tyco’s Peak™ Performance Attic Sprinklers, please visit http://www.tyco-fire.com/index.php?P=detailprod&S=6100.

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