Two Stage Rotary Vane Pump

Cacejen Vacuum, considering offering a two stage rotary vane pump manufactured by BWVAC in Beijing, China. This company is a joint venture between Beijing Beiyi and Woosung Vacuum Technology. The company was started in 2002 and they introduced their first pumps in 2004. They currently sell approximately 5000 units per year. The sizes are as follows:

TRP-6 3.8 .75 1/115  
TRP-12 7.6 1.0 1/115  
TRP-24 15.2 1.0 1/115
TRP-24 22.8 1.5 3/230-460
TRP-48 35.6 2.0 3/230-460  
TRP-48 45.7 3.0 3/230-460
TRP-90 63.5 3.0 3/230-460

The single phase units come complete with Ulvac motors, stop/start switch, and 6 foot line cord. The 3 phase motors are supplied by Siemens. Both are CE compliant. The noise levels range from 50 to 56 DBA. I currently have one each of the 6, 12, 24, and 36 and will begin testing this week. I have been very impressed with the packaging, appearance, manuals, and brochures for this product. It is all done very professionally. If testing goes as expected, we plan to offer these units to distributors at the following prices.

TRP-6 $2254.00
TRP-12 $2575.00
TRP-24 $3250.00
TRP-24 $3902.00
TRP-24 $5512.00
TRP-60 $6825.00
TRP-90 $8050.00

I would appreciate your thoughts on this venture. Also, if you have an interest, I can send you one of the pumps we have here for your own testing. You can also check out this manufacturer at I look forward to hearing from you.


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