TURCK Announces Minifast Splitters and Tees That Provide Voltage Monitoring for DeviceNet Applications

Minneapolis, MN -- TURCK introduces new 7/8-16UN minifast tees, splitters and in-line diagnostic devices, designed for use in DeviceNet applications, including CAN networks and mobile equipment. Models are available in a standard option for classic DeviceNet use and a voltage monitoring version that contains an integrated circuit board to serve as a diagnostic tool. Voltage monitoring tees and splitters help troubleshoot and prevent downtime with LEDs that report normal, over-voltage and under-voltage conditions.

"We saw a need from our DeviceNet customers for tees and splitters that could monitor voltage for areas in their networks where they encounter voltage issues," said Abdi Ayanle, Product Manager at TURCK. "The addition of the minifast splitters and tees allows our customers to effectively address trouble areas in their network to ensure reliable operation."

The splitters provide parallel wiring, which simplifies installations. The 'h' configuration contains a tee connected to the main trunk line with one premolded cable drop, providing a quick, convenient and space-saving way to add additional cabling within the cable tray. The splitters may be specified with any gender; negating the traditional male to female connection requirement. Additionally, the in-line diagnostic devices may be used as gender changers to connect a male to male or female to female cordset.

Designed to accommodate diverse conditions, the minifast splitters and tees can handle up to 30 volts in temperatures ranging from -40 to 105 degrees C. The splitters and tees also feature an IP67 environmental protection rating, providing an ideal solution for voltage trouble spots in harsh conditions.

TURCK is an industry leader providing superior quality sensing, connectivity and network products to help manufacturers improve their automated processes. For other TURCK product or technical information, contact: 1-800-544-7769 o www.turck.us o usa@turck.com

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