Tungsten EX-® Nozzles

Thermacut’s patented technology extends your plasma cutting cycle.

Thermacut has expanded its’ range of Tungsten EX-®nozzles, which are a direct and suitable replacement parts, for Hypertherm’s® HPR 130/260®, MAX200®, and HT4400® plasma cutting systems.

The Tungsten EX- nozzle design consist of two parts: a traditional copper base and a composite tungsten insert. Pure tungsten is extremely hard and durable; and it has the highest melting point of all the non-alloyed metals. These nozzles can last up to three times longer than standard copper nozzles and produce a high-quality cut.

When Tungsten EX-® nozzles are matched with Thermacut’s Silver EX-® electrodes and or Silver Pro® electrodes, overall consumable set life can be extended up to three times longer,   when compared to the use of standard copper nozzles and electrodes.

Contact Thermacut for specific details:

THERMACUT INC., 153 Charlestown Road, Claremont, NH 03743, 800-932-8312 (T), or 800-972-6255 (F)

sales@thermacut.com  or visit our web site www.thermacut.com

Thermacut is in no way affiliated with the above-named manufacturer. References to the above-named machines, torches, consumables, and reference numbers are for convenience only. Most Thermacut parts are made for or by an IBG company.

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