TRUE Surface Mount Circulators for Radar Highlight TRAK's Latest Microwave Innovations on Display at EDI-Con 2016

September 16, 2016 - Smiths Microwave Subsystems is pleased to announce that advanced surface mount technology has led TRAK to deliver the first-ever circulator that can be used in automated assembly of phased array radar assemblies. You’ll find this product and several other microwave component and assembly innovations on display at the Smiths Microwave Subsystems Booth #721 at EDI-Con 2016. To learn the complete performance and assembly attributes of the SMT circulators watch this brief YouTube Video from IMS 2016 with Diana Aristizabal, RF Engineering Manager.

In addition, at EDI-Con TRAK will also be reviewing several integrated microwave assemblies recently designed and manufactured. The first is a Block Upconverter (BUC) that provides 13.75 to 14.5 GHZ coverage for civilian and military aviation SATCOM applications. Model MFC147 features a GaN solid state power amplifier (SSPA) with low noise (-140 dBc/Hz typical) and low spectral regrowth. Another Kuband development is a dual band Block Downconverter covering the band segments of 10.7-11.7 GHz and 11.7-12.75 GHz. Model MFC146 offers impressive specs with overall gain of 18-22 dB, maximum noise figure of 13.5 dB (<9 dB typical), and better than -95 dBc/Hz phase noise performance. It’s ideal for VSAT applications such as in-flight entertainment systems and UAV communications. TRAK’s ferrite technology expertise has also led to a new Ka-Band Latching Circulator-Isolator offering aerospace system designers 1 µs switching speed and very low insertion loss of 0.2 dB.

From TRAK’s Time and Frequency engineering team comes the Model 8461 Stratum 1 Network Time Server, offering time synchronization of <1 µs of time reference. This NTP server supports NTP v2, v3, v4 and SNTP clients.

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TRAK Microwave Corporation designs and manufactures RF and microwave passive components and subassemblies for the defense, space and established reliability industrial communities. The products include a range of standard products and application specific solutions in coaxial, microstrip or waveguide technology which provide our customers and prospective customers with a broad choice of technologically differentiated solutions with an unrivalled existing portfolio of ferrite isolators, circulators, transitions, terminations, loads and couplers optimized to meet exacting requirements and environments.

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