Troy Technologies Launches Money Saving Wheelchair Seat Reducer Inserts

Torrance, Calif. - For many families, getting a new wheelchair for their growing child on a regular basis is out of the question. That's why Troy Technologies offers a line of Seat Reducer Inserts.

These inserts are specifically designed to provide proper positioning in an oversized wheelchair by conforming to the natural contour of a stroller, wheelchair or positioning chair. It reduces the usable dimensions while maintaining the intended position the chair was designed for.

It may seem like a simple solution, but it took years of clinical research and development to create. Designed by a coalition of therapist and Rehabilitation Technology Specialists, the Seat Reducer Inserts feature a ribbed surface that is comfortable and promotes continuous airflow and can be trimmed to accommodate shoulder straps and lateral supports.


o Designed by a coalition of Therapists & Rehabilitation Technology Specialists

o Four different sizes to choose from

o Non-skid provision to prevent "ride up"

o Water resistant

o 100% latex free

More detailed information on options, accessories and pricing for the line is available online. All of Troy Technologies products carry a lifetime warranty and are made in the USA. See website for more details at:

About Troy Technologies

Troy Technologies specializes in travel wheelchairs, and travel wheelchair accessories. The uniquely designed accessories solve many everyday problems and enhance the comfort and lives of people with special needs.

Troy Technologies manufacturers several lightweight, compact folding, travel wheelchairs with optional large wheels and accessories. Their Pioneering Spirit chair meets ANSI/RESNA safety Standards. All Troy Technologies wheelchairs, wheelchair accessories and stroller accessories are made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

For more information, please contact Troy Technologies or call: (877) 928-8770

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