Trend Micro Offers Advanced Security Solutions with Enhanced Anti-Spam and Messaging Compliance

CUPERTINO, Calif., Nov. 15 - Trend Micro Incorporated , a leader in antivirus and Internet content security, today announced key advances in its gateway messaging security offerings, introducing a SMTP email gateway solution that provides enhanced multilayered protection against viruses, worms, spam, phishing, and other security threats.

The solution consists of three tightly integrated components: an enhanced version of InterScan(TM) Messaging Security Suite, Trend Micro(TM) Spam Prevention Solution, and Trend Micro(TM) Network Reputation Services. Together, they form a stalwart defense against a variety of threats, however many enhancements made to this integrated solution involve stronger anti-spam protection and greater support for messaging compliance. These enhancements are designed to confront growing security problems, such as spam-enabled phishing attacks.

According to research by Trend Micro, phishing is jeopardizing both personal and corporate information at an alarming rate. For example, 21 percent of respondents who had fallen victim to a phishing attack at work reported that their corporate data had been compromised. As the volume of spam continues to rise -- in 2004, the ITU reported that 80 percent of global email was considered spam -- businesses must consider tackling these security problems upstream rather than rely solely on content filtering products.

Trend Micro's email and messaging security solution addresses this need while providing an added benefit of offloading storage and processing overhead from the IT infrastructure. The three solution offerings include:

o InterScan Messaging Security Suite (IMSS)
Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security Suite provides award-winning
antivirus technology, anti-spyware protection, messaging compliance,
content filtering, and an optional spam prevention solution to mitigate
mixed-threat attacks at the Internet messaging gateway. This integrated
protection provides enterprise organizations with a single line of
defense against a variety of security threats.

o Trend Micro Spam Prevention Solution (SPS)
The Spam Prevention Solution, which easily integrates with IMSS at the
messaging gateway, features a composite anti-spam engine that enables
multilingual spam detection and signature- and heuristics-based

o Network Reputation Services (NRS)
Network Reputation Services block spam at its source, before it enters
the network environment. The service leverages a reputation database of
1.6 billion suspect IP addresses to block unwarranted emails. NRS drops
a significant volume of spam at the connection level, before it reaches
the gateway for content inspection. While NRS enables businesses to
rely on more than just content filtering, it also offloads storage and
processing power typically required for filtering unwanted email.

All three offerings can be used together or as standalone offerings that are compatible with existing security systems, making this solution extremely flexible for businesses to incorporate.

"Spam has evolved from being merely an undesired content issue to a more serious network problem, which in turn impacts business operations and end-user security," said Dave Rand, chief technologist of Trend Micro Internet Content Security. "This enhanced SMTP email gateway security ensures message compliance and minimizes the risks of spam-enabled phishing attacks and other email-borne threats."

Availability and Pricing:

Each Trend Micro component -- an enhanced version of InterScan Messaging Security Suite, Trend Micro Spam Prevention Solution, and Trend Micro Network Reputation Services -- is available immediately in North America. North American pricing for each product and service is as follows:

o InterScan Messaging Security Suite (IMSS) has an SRP of $12.75/user for
501 users
o Trend Micro Spam Prevention Solution (SPS) has an SRP of 11.96/user for
501 users
o Network Reputation Services (NRS) has two offerings with an SRP of
$1.35/user for 501 users of Trend Micro RBL+ Service and $4.06/user for
501 users of Network Anti-spam Service

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