Tong-Tai (Topper) Introduces the TB-25-YMBC, its Latest 'Y' Axis Multi-Tasking Center at the IMTS-06 Show

VALLEY COTTAGE, NEW YORK (March 15, 2006): Tong-Tai (Topper) will introduce its latest 'Y' axis multi-tasking center at the IMTS-06 show. What distinguishes this against other 'Y' axis machines is the independent axis design. X, Y and Z-axis move independently and do not have the problems associated with "axis on axis" stacking. X, Y and Z-axis are 90 degrees to each other and do not require movement of 2 axis' to enable 'Y' axis motion. This kind of design makes the TB-25-YMBC, a turning center and a four-axis machining-center in one. Using conventional programming techniques it can run as a turning center and a four-axis machining center, all in one program. This enables reduction of processing time by 56% on parts that require turning and off center milling, drilling or tapping.

This single spindle machine has a 10" chuck with a swing of 21" and a turning length of 24". It has a bar capacity of 2.5" and a full travel tailstock, allowing the capability of chuck work, bar work and shaft work. The turret has 12 stations with radial drive VDI-40 tooling. It is a servo driven turret allowing for greater accuracy, repeatability and reliability. The main spindle motor is a 20 HP integrated motor drive with a 3500-rpm spindle.

The twin spindle version has a second spindle with an 8" chuck, 10 HP and a spindle speed of 5000 rpm. The advantage of this two-spindle machine against others is the turret design having 24 VDI-40 tools, which can be used on either the main or second spindle. This added tool feature gives greater flexibility in complex part processing.

The TB-25-YMBC is equipped with a tool setter to enable reduction of setup time on complex parts involving fixed and rotating tools. It has provisions for untended running using bar feeders and parts conveyors on single machines. Traverse robots for loading and unloading between multiple machines can be utilized to enable machine cells augmented by auto-measuring and compensation.
Tong-Tai Seiki is a full line machine tool builder providing Standard Machines, Customized Machines and Special Purpose Machines in the US, Far East and China. It has offices in Taiwan, Mainland China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and USA. In the US, its machines are sold and serviced through a network of full service distributors throughout the country.

Tong-Tai started as a builder of machining lines for motorcycles in 1969. The principal products at this time were automatic turning machines and multi-spindle drilling and tapping machines. This basic background of building special purpose machines has been instrumental in providing the foundation of Tong-Tai being a machine tool builder rather than just an assembler of purchased components.

Tong-tai started building CNC turning centers in 1982 and advanced to horizontal and vertical machining centers in 1985. Knowledge to design and manufacture these machines was gained over 30 years of technical cooperation with various Japanese Machine Tool Builders. Since 1990 Tong-Tai had very close technical cooperation with Hitachi Seiki, one of the leading machine tool builders in Japan. Starting 1998, Tong-Tai was manufacturing and assembling machines for Hitachi Seiki, on an OEM basis, for export to USA, Japan and the world. Tong-Tai is also one of the few Taiwanese machine tool builders with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certification.

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