TMHE Is Committed to Delivering Forklift Services in Extreme Conditions

Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) prides itself on delivering quality services despite any challenges which present themselves during the process. Sometimes, these challenges can include the location, the environment or the conditions.

With service centres in 30 countries across Europe, TMHE provides customers with quick and efficient solutions to their material handling needs, when they need it. Customers come with all manner of requirements and unique issues and challenges, but with TMHE's European network, a truly integrated organisation offers an unrivalled level of assistance.

This allows the experienced technicians to conduct regular safety inspections and preventative maintenance while performing emergency repairs if something does go wrong. With a variety of different forklift services, TMHE can provide the solution for any material handling requirement.

Many of TMHE's partners operate under very unique circumstances and it is imperative that these customers receive the same quality services as those with more standard requirements. This is why it is vital that TMHE is able to provide forklift solutions to locations as diverse as mountaintop resorts and mines within the Arctic Circle.

One such customer that benefits from TMHE's comprehensive services is Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani AS, the world's northernmost mining community. Operating from Svalbard, Norway, the company's facility is accessible only by snowmobile or aeroplane, immediately creating a challenge for material handling suppliers.

This is a challenge that TMHE was more than willing to rise to and their counterbalanced and BT reflex reach trucks help Store Norske to deliver coal to countries all over Europe, including England and Germany. "Although the temperature is way below freezing outside, we can operate normally without any problem," explains Arne Eivik of TMH Norway. "The total value of the items held in our store is over 300 million krona; it's good to know that the trucks that we depend on are being taken care of."

At the other extreme, Hotel Pilatus-Kulm of Switzerland stands at 2,132m above sea level, making the resort accessible only by cable car or railway. Conferencing and Banqueting employee Dominik Stauffer explains, "We cannot distribute supplies without the power of this truck. We chose it because it was the only machine that could be shipped here by cable car and also because we can rely on the service support we need."

TMHE is dedicated to providing forklift services and solutions to its customers, no matter the challenge and regardless of the location, conditions or environment.

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