Tips to Building a Partnership with Your Injection Molder

Strategic partnerships are becoming far more common today due to the efficiency and effectiveness of the approach. In today's economy, creating bridges between custom injection molder manufacturers and customer delivery systems can create a healthy exchange of ideas, innovation and competitive advantage.

Suppliers and customers receive greater amounts of information and support when they are working in close coordination. This leads not only to stronger alliances, it also leads to greater sales and satisfaction all around the product-delivery circle.

What Exactly Is a Strategic Partnership?

A strategic partnership occurs when everyone involved in the product delivery system are all communicating well. This includes the custom injection molder operators, quality control inspectors, sales representatives, and customers who rely on your product. When strategic partners are open to innovation it can greatly improve competitive advantage - when all partners seek to collaborate on how needs and capabilities can be aligned, a fast path to supplier and customer problem resolution occurs naturally.

Communication and Understanding

Suppliers need to communicate and understand customer requirements and concerns. Customers will be open to input from suppliers and will be more than happy to share information when the understanding of being on the same team is clear and tangible. Problems find resolution anytime there is a spirit of cooperation.

In the economic climate of today's markets, these alliances are forging solid new avenues for excellence between all parties involved in manufacturing and delivery. Customers who are driven by price only will not readily recognize all of the inherent benefits of a true strategic partnership.

Timing and Trust

Suppliers need to provide a quality product on time, every time for trust in this alliance is to become reliable. If suppliers are driven only by saving costs and are not allowing themselves or their work force to be highly focused on quality or customer satisfaction and ease of product purchasing, a partnership will fail to deliver the full scope of reward that is inherent in this cooperative alliance.

Crescent Industries:

Forging Custom Injection Molder Industry Strategic Alliances

Join a team of experts and create an alliance to support your next injection molded project for the duration. Become a strategic partner with Crescent Industries. Crescent's employee owners are committed to continuous improvement throughout all phases of our business and are passionate about contributing to our customers' success. To learn more about Crescent Industries capabilities to help you with your next injection molding project, call 1-800--411-3844 or visit our website

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