TIGG Awarded Contract in Excess of $1M for Parks Twp, PA SLDA Site

TIGG Corporation was awarded a contract to provide the air purification systems, valued in excess of $1 million, for the Parks Township Shallow Land Disposal Area site. This project affords TIGG the opportunity to demonstrate their manufacturing and system design capabilities locally.

The Parks Township, Pennsylvania, Shallow Land Disposal Area (SLDA) site, which was used in the early years of the Nation's atomic energy program, has been identified as a contaminated site that will be remediated under supervision of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Army Corps of Engineers. The SLDA site consists of approximately 24,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil.

TIGG's NB 20 systems were chosen as the method to treat the potential vapors from a 3 million cu ft structure which accumulates and sorts excavated soil for ultimate disposal. TIGG provided a complete air purification system including 16 NB20 box units filled with a total of 320,000 lbs of activated carbon media, four 50,000 CFM blowers, as well as HEPA filtration housing and interconnecting ductwork.

TIGG Corporation has provided air purification systems for sale or rental at more than 50 sites throughout the country where contaminated soil is being excavated under a temporary structure. However, 16 NB 20's makes the Parks Township SLDA one of their largest soil vapor remediation projects to date. Similar projects that TIGG has worked on have been at Superfund sites, legacy Manufactured Gas Plants sites and contaminated brownfields mainly outside of the Pittsburgh, PA area.

"We've worked on a variety of large soil remediation projects before but none so close to home. It's gratifying to be able to provide air purification equipment in our own backyard. We were pleased that we, a local company, were selected to participate in this challenging project," said Georgiana Riley, President, TIGG Corporation.

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