This Fastener Manufacturer Cools Down High Fuel

Rochester, MI - Solaronics infra-red heaters, heralded for their energy efficiency, replaced three aged and fuel hungry boilers that failed to keep employees warm at SPS Technologies' Cleveland building, saving the company over $180,000 per YEAR!

This automotive and aerospace certified manufacturer of high strength industrial fasteners for commercial and military applications was facing another winter of trying to coax heat from an old and cranky boiler system that was expensive to operate. Three 14.5 million BTU boilers from the early 1990s supplied steam to forced air unit heaters located on the ceiling. The system was very inefficient. Heat stratified to the ceiling. Employee comfort was less than ideal. And estimates for restoring the boilers to good working order exceeded $500,000.

The company was determined to reduce its energy costs to be competitive with factories based in warmer climates. The attributes of the 50 year old building, discussed in the case history, affected the available choices for a replacement heating system.

Energy-efficient Solaronics heaters provide safe, quiet and reliable operation in new construction or retrofits to existing commercial and industrial buildings. Fueled by Natural Gas or Propane Gas (LP) and requiring no periodic maintenance, they can achieve fuel cost savings of up to 75% when compared to conventional boilers and warm air unit heaters.

Manufacturer Cools Down High Fuel Costs, Case History CH 73, is available from Solaronics, Inc., the leader in gas infra-red technology and products, closing in on its 50th year anniversary. Contact the company at: 704 Woodward Avenue, Rochester, MI 48307. Phone: 1-800- 223-5335. Fax: 1-248-651-0357. E-mail: Web:

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