They Do Build Them Like They Used To

Equipment still running tirelessly since 1958

LANCASTER, PA - June 14, 2006 -"They don't build 'em like they used to." A phrase repeated more and more as mass production, global outsourcing and "throw-away" equipment evolves. However, some companies continue to provide high quality and proven reliability that lasts through the ages. Recently, Aerzen USA has come across a twin shaft rotary lobe blower that has been in service since 1958. "We are conservatively estimating that this blower has about 280,000 operating hours on it," says aftersales manager Ralf Weiser. "The blower came to us for normal repair and servicing. It is been used in a flourmill and interestingly enough, they are using a spare blower of the same vintage and size."

Aerzen is internationally known for manufacturing high-end quality blowers, compressors and vacuum pumps since 1868. "So far this is the oldest blower that we have come across, but we are certain that there are older MK series machines that made it into the country after World War II," says Weiser. "The best thing is that we maintain an inventory of normal wear and tear items for old blowers."

Upon tear down and evaluation, the machine was found to be in great working order with the exception of the rotor tip clearances. Due to the nature of the conveying system it is in, the small amounts of product in the air stream abraded the rotor sealing strips on the outer diameter of each rotor. "We use a proprietary method to build this strip up, which tends to be very tricky as the rotors are made of gray cast iron. Once the rotor rebuild is done, we can proceed with the overhaul as usual," says Weiser. "The process will take about two weeks."

What should you do if you have an older blower and it needs to be serviced or overhauled?

"When customers decide that they want a machine overhauled, they call our service group for an RMA," states Weiser. "Once the unit arrives at Aerzen USA, it is put into a lean manufacturing type repair cell where it is placed in a FIFO (First In First Out) line up. Upon tear down and evaluation, the technician prepares an incoming inspection report and a bill of material that contains all the necessary parts and scope of work in order to return the blower or compressor to factory specifications."
During the inspection, the key components get measured.

o All normal maintenance items such as the bearings, labyrinth seals, lip seals, lip seal wear sleeves, oil sight glasses, and O-rings are always replaced during an overhaul.
o The customer receives a quote, and the repair or overhaul commences once the okay has been given to proceed.
o All components are thoroughly cleaned and the machine is put together according to factory specifications.
o A final inspection report is prepared before the unit gets painted, filled with oil, and packaged for shipping.

"We are very flexible in providing fast turnaround service and custom repair jobs," touts Weiser. "We can assist end users with expert advice on root cause failure analysis, oil and vibration analysis. We repair not only our own brand, but also offer the same repair workmanship for many other brands as well."

Aerzen USA is wholly-owned division of the German manufacturer, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH, and is a recognized world leader in the production of rotary positive displacement machines since 1868. Aerzen USA is based in Coatesville, PA. For more information, visit

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