Thermacut® Continues Expansion of EX-trafire® Product Line

Thermacut, Inc. has introduced a unique consumables team approach for replacement plasma cutting electrodes and nozzles applicable to Hypertherm® HPR 130® and HPR 260® Torches.

By matching Thermacut's Silver EX-® Electrodes with their recently introduced Tungsten EX-® Nozzle, testing has shown improved performance and product life up to four times longer than standard copper consumables.

The TungstenEX- Nozzles are designed without bleed holes to save oxygen during cutting operations. EX-trafire consumables are best suited for heavy or high speed mechanized operations. All Thermacut replacement components are precision manufactured to meet or exceed OEM performance characteristics and are available for immediate shipping.

Thermacut, Inc. based in Claremont, NH is a worldwide provider of advanced cutting and welding consumables, accessories and torches.

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