The Wonieva Group Delivers Half Million Face Masks to State of Texas

In response to the rapid spread of COVID-19, the Wonieva Group has launched an initiative to source and provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to meet demand across the public and private sectors. On May 22, the Group rose to the occasion by providing their first customer, the Texas Department of Emergency Management, with 500,000 KN95 masks. Wonieva, a San Diego based multinational consultancy with over 15 years of experience in logistics, was able to leverage long-standing relationships with manufacturers and market experts to execute timely delivery of high-quality PPE.

Wonieva Group CEO, Sean Evans, said of the project, “We were happy to leverage our supplier relationship with Alec Shuman and provide these quality masks to the State of Texas during a crisis. We plan on continuing to deliver to states in need as best we can!”

Despite an influx of demand, The Wonieva Group maintains strict standards of quality, as manufacturing and logistics processes undergo quarterly auditing to ensure compliance with local and federal standards, and all products are personally vetted by team members.

Additionally, Wonieva has entered into a philanthropic partnership with the international humanitarian organization Alliance for Smiles. Under the partnership, a portion of Wonieva’s sales will be donated to support efforts to fight the pandemic.

For more information about the Wonieva Group, or to order PPE, contact or visit them at

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