The Platform Scales PCE-EP 30P1 - A Balance with Dual Range, Data Interface and Many Special Functions

With the PCE-EP P scales, PCE Instruments has a series of platform scales in its product range which stands out due to its dual-range weighing, data interface and many special functions. The model PCE-EP 30P1 has a platform size of 400 x 500 mm and is designed for a maximum load of 30 kg. As a dual-range balance, the PCE-EP 30P1 has two different display accuracies, two grammes for values up to 15 kg and five grammes for values above this.

The scales that only weigh 14 kg can be operated either with the mains plug included in the scope of delivery or with the installed rechargeable battery. This means that they can be easily moved to another location and used there.

The display and control unit is connected to the weighing platform via a 160 cm long cable with plug. Depending on the location, the user can decide whether to place the control panel on the stand, on a table or shelf or on a wall or elsewhere to ensure the most comfortable operating position. The control unit can be rotated around its horizontal axis within the bracket so that it can be easily adjusted to the viewing angle when working from a sitting or standing position.

 The platform scales have a bidirectional RS232 data interface on the control panel and an integrated clock with time and date. The weighing data can therefore be sent directly to a label printer or a computer with time and date via the interface.

The special functions of the scales which are activated via the keys on the control unit include the display of gross and net weight, the summation of several consecutive weighings and piece counting. In addition, the PCE-EP 30P1 has many adjustable filters, e. g. for level measurement and animal weighing and a limit value weighing function that visually and acoustically indicates when an adjustable weight range is exceeded or not reached.

The dual-range scales of the PCE-EP P series are suitable for a wide variety of applications in laboratories as well as in industrial and commercial enterprises due to their robust construction and the diverse setting and evaluation functions. The advantages of this series also include great flexibility when it comes to the installation and a freely adjustable measuring unit for special applications.

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