The OYSTAR USA Process Division Offers the Full Line of OYSTAR Manesty Xpress® Tablet Presses

Xpress Tablet Presses offer flexibility, reliability and performance

Fairfield, NJ - The OYSTAR USA Process Division, which is responsible for all sales, service and support in North America for OYSTAR Manesty and OYSTAR Hüttlin pharmaceutical processing equipment, offers the full line of OYSTAR Manesty Xpress® Tablet Presses including the Xpress 300, the Xpress 500 and the Xpress 700.

The easy-to-use Xpress range of both single and double-sided tablet presses are designed to facilitate flexible production of small, medium and large batches. Innovative features include the stepped cabinet design to enable complete segregation between the tabletting and technical zones, easy access to the upper and lower compression zones, and an impressively fast and tool-free turret exchange system. When a batch is finished, the turret and all other product contact parts can be removed from the machine in less than ten minutes.

The three-paddle, zero-clearance feeder design maintains consistent tablet weight uniformity at a wide range of operating speeds, while achieving yields of over 99%, making scraper blades or powder recirculation channels unnecessary. Its compact footprint with integrated electrical and pneumatic controls, minimizes the use of floor space and installation work by eliminating the need for a separate fixed electrical cabinet.

Modularly built, all the presses in the Xpress line benefit from the same strong construction, which includes a cork mat-mounted main base, free from external housing and interchangeable upper and lower pressure rolls mounted on single columns fixed in the machine base and main beam. This enables up to a 100 kN of pre- and main compression with minimal vibration and noise on all presses in the range. Feeders are mounted on a large diameter, single support column, for enhanced stability without any vertical adjustment.

The tablet parameters are set via the user-friendly Windows®-based mpower® integrated control technology system, that controls and powers the adjustment of the main press controls and acts as the means of communication with ancillary equipment.

The OYSTAR Manesty Xpress 300 Tablet Press is an exceptionally versatile single-sided tablet press designed for small to medium size batches including batches for clinical trials. It benefits from all the standard features of the Xpress range of machines and enables fast, easy and repeatable changeovers.

The OYSTAR Manesty Xpress 500 Tablet Press has an exceptional output capacity for a single-sided tablet press with up to 50 stn on one turret, and provides compression solutions for a wide range of applications.

The OYSTAR Manesty Xpress 700 Tablet Press is a new generation, double sided tablet press for high output, capable of producing up to one million tablets per hour. The conversion of the Xpress 700 from a single layer to bi-layer version can be done within one hour through an optional retrofit conversion kit. The Xpress 700 features automatic weight control of each tablet layer and allows for complete segregation of materials for a clearly defined demarcation line between layers, and special jets and scrapers are used to prevent cross-contamination between layers.

The patented OYSTAR Manesty AccuSpray(TM) system, which is available for all Manesty Xpress tablet presses, accurately delivers a validatable amount of magnesium stearate, suspended in alcohol, onto each upper and lower punch tip and die wall, so less is used to coat and lubricate tablet surfaces. This results in cost savings for manufacturers and produces tablets that are of greater purity and higher quality than those containing larger amounts of magnesium stearate.

Now available in North America through OYSTAR USA, the OYSTAR Manesty Xpress line is supported by a team of dedicated and knowledgeable sales and service personnel. Customers can easily reach OYSTAR USA's service support by calling toll-free 888-868-9031.

The OYSTAR USA Process Division offers processing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry through OYSTAR Manesty Tablet Presses and Coaters and OYSTAR Hüttlin Granulation and Fluid Bed Systems. In addition to the Process Division, OYSTAR USA is comprised of a Pharmaceutical Packaging Division and a Food Packaging Division. Germany-based OYSTAR is a group of companies dedicated to the processing and packaging needs of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dairy, and food industries.

The OYSTAR USA Process Division is based in Fairfield, NJ. For more information please call 973-227-5575 or visit the web site at


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