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January 4, 2006. Savage, MN - Datakey Electronics, Inc., manufacturer of rugged, re-programmable memory Keys and Tokens has an increasing number of medical OEMs integrating the SlimLine(TM) Token and SR4000 Family of Serial Memory Token Receptacles into their products. Medical OEMs often select Datakey Electronics' portable data carriers because they are Autoclave and EtO sterilization-resistant. (See press release of May 23, 2005.)

CHF Solutions, Minneapolis, MN, uses Datakey Electronics Tokens in their award-winning Aquadex FlexFlow, a system that safely removes excess fluid from patients. They utilize a Datakey Electronics Token to monitor the use of the disposable portion of their system. They also use a high capacity Extended SlimLine Flash Token to do firmware updates. These Tokens are ideal because they're rugged, reliable, can be sterilized and are supported long-term.

GMP/Wireless Medicine, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL, uses a custom Datakey Electronics' Token to establish a communications link between GMP's patient and monitor transceivers, creating the first system allowing patient bedside monitoring to be performed wirelessly. Datakey Electronics offered the ability to create a custom solution for their product that would be robust in the tough, hospital critical care environment.

eGene, Inc., Orange, CA, uses a Datakey Electronics Token to store relevant data relating to the gel-cartridge (GCKTM-5000) and its content, usage history or number of runs, test parameters, and test results on their high-performance DNA/RNA sampling HDA-GT12TM system. The Token monitors the number of times a cartridge is used and the HDA system will not work unless the Token confirms it's using a valid cartridge. Datakey Electronics offers a fully-engineered product that shortens time to market and development cost.

Endocardial Solutions, a division of St. Jude Medical, St. Paul, MN utilizes a Datakey Electronics Token to record calibration data on their EnSite Array(TM) balloon catheter which is used for non-contact mapping of cardiac arrhythmias. The Token is used to calibrate the catheter to the diagnostic instrument, monitor usage (limit-use), and to transfer additional data. A Token is tethered to each catheter and the system will not operate unless the Token verifies that it is a valid catheter, has not been used before, and the calibration parameters have been uploaded properly. Datakey Electronics' Token offers Endocardial Solutions a robust, long-term supported, sterilization-resistant, and cost-effective solution for a disposable application.

Many other Medical OEMs are also taking advantage of Datakey Electronics' Token for limit use, calibration, authorization, data transfer, firmware updates, and more. And now with the smaller mating receptacles Datakey Electronics offers, more medical hand-held devices can incorporate this fully-engineered solution into their products.

About Datakey Electronics

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) choose Datakey Electronics because unlike consumer products, they offer life-of-product availability and support. Datakey Electronics, Inc. has a world-wide base of customers including St. Jude Medical, General Dynamics, Cisco Systems, Raytheon, Siemens, Tyco Healthcare, Gilbarco, governments and many other multi-national corporations.

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