The Next Dimension Of Vaccum Technology Available Online

COAX®, the next dimension in multistage vacuum technology, will be introduced to the world with the launch of the new COAX® technology website,, on November 13 2006, providing an interactive and comprehensive resource for machine builders. Answering the questions, "what is it?", "what's in it for me?", and "how can I use it?", the new COAX® technology site serves as a valuable resource for those who demand innovative solutions to meet the design challenges of the future.
Visitors to the COAX® technology site can effortlessly explore its simple, clear design and learn more about the unique vacuum technology from its inventor, Peter Tell. In a video highlighting the advantages of integrating machinery with COAX® cartridges, Tell discusses the power of the technology, further demonstrated with customer testimonials from ABB and Robot System Products (RSP). Additional distinguished customers such as RAantec, Uhlmann Pack-Systeme and Romaco Promatic share stories as to how they met the challenges of reducing energy costs, increasing production and improving system design with their COAX® solutions.

Interactive, modifiable spreadsheets allow site visitors to compare centralized and decentralized vacuum systems, levels of vacuum flow and pressure drop, and individual COAX® cartridges to determine which solution best fits their design needs. These data tools supply the guidance needed to make a supported decision about integration in specific applications.

In the COAX® integration application gallery, visitors will find decentralized vacuum solutions for multiple industries including packaging, graphic, food and pharmaceutical. The site also includes a comprehensive product catalogue with CAD files for a more detailed look at individual cartridges.

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