The New Beta Max Hoist Website - Elevated to New Heights

Melbourne, FL, August 11, 2009 - Beta Max Hoists, a leading provider of portable high-speed, long-lift, wire rope hoist systems, is pleased to announce the launch of their new website at This is not your typical equipment website -- the Beta Max Hoists site rises beyond merely providing equipment specifications, it focuses squarely on helping customers find the best solution to meet the precise needs of their lifting requirements.

Answer three simple questions - what are you lifting, how much does it weigh, and how high does it need to go? Press Search, then all Beta Max products that meet the criteria will be listed, additional filters can be applied, and products can be selected for comparison. But it doesn't stop there, full technical specifications, product photos, and AutoCad illustrations can then be acquired with a single click.

"The new website also functions as a full catalog, describing our 6 distinct hoist product families with multiple capacity models within each," stated Tami Hamilton, Vice President of Beta Max Hoists. "Many customers, from general and specialty trade contractors, architects and engineers, project and plant managers, and even scaffolding manufacturers and suppliers will find the site an invaluable resource. Our Industries Served page outlines how our products have been crucial to the success of many projects in many industries."

The site is also packed with convenience features for printing and emailing product data, requesting quotes, and contacting members of the Beta Max team. Visit to learn more about our company and products.

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About Beta Max Hoist

In 1985, Beta Max introduced the first high-speed, long-lift, wire rope hoist systems as an alternative solution for general construction material lifting. The Portable Hoist line currently has 7 models with capacities from 200-2000 lbs., mounting systems to adapt to most job site applications and carrying accessories to accommodate a variety of job site lifting requirements. In 1990 we introduced the Maxial Track "Scaffold" Hoist, designed primarily to facilitate scaffold erection and dismantle on commercial construction sites and industrial plant maintenance projects.

The Max Climber line of rack and pinion material and personnel hoists and permanent elevators are the latest additions to the Beta Max Hoist family. Combining our in-house products and world-wide connections, Beta Max can provide a hoisting system designed specifically for your project.

Beta Max is committed to providing superior quality products with exceptional service and technical support. It is the policy of the company to work with our customers to create safe and reliable hoist systems that will increase productivity and worker safety.

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