Thar Begins Shipments of 1st Ever Benchtop SFC Purification System

Pittsburgh, USA, January 2, 2007 - Thar Technologies announced it has begun shipping its new preparative SFC 70 introduced this past December. The Thar Benchtop Preparative SFC 70 features a new injection module and smaller footprint to simplify day-to-day operation and improve the chromatographer's ability to purify and isolate compounds. A large biopharmaceutical company received the first system which will be featured at the upcoming PittCon 2007 this February/March in Chicago.

New to the Thar Benchtop Preparative SFC is smaller aluminum frame that allows scientists to use it on a standard lab bench for chiral and achiral samples. The new footprint is smaller than any of the cart-mounted systems currently in the market at 30"x 30"x 50" and features up to 6 cyclonic-like separators.

A new injection mechanism also introduced late in 2007, enables the user to automatically inject stacked/repeated injections with the added capability of quickly changing samples. This new feature finally allows for a safe, walk-up chiral purification system unseen before in the industry. For laboratories looking at ways to increase productivity and turnaround time while saving hood and bench space, the Thar Benchtop Preparative SFC 70 is the solution. Chemists are very pleased that an SFC supplier has finally produced a benchtop instrument for preparative purifications," stated Todd Palcic, Vice President of Thar's Instruments who added: "We think this takes SFC one step closer to replacing preparative LC in the pharmaceutical R&D laboratory."

Magali Curiel
Marketing Specialist,
Thar Technologies, Inc.
(412) 967-5665 x219

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