TerraFill XT Low-Resistivity Grounding Backfill

Difficult grounding situations require enhanced grounding solutions. Alltec's TerraFill® products provide a simple, dependable, and environmentally friendly way to lower the earth resistance of grounding systems. Alltec's TF-50XT specifically combines the engineering and mixing properties of cement with the low-resistivity required by modern grounding systems. The result is a stable, maintenance-free and permanent ground installation.

TerraFill® XT has an indefinite shelf life providing for excellent long term storage. TerraFill® XT is an ultra secure and efficient way to create a reliable, low resistance, electrical connection between the grounding system and the earth.

Enhanced composite backfill encasements will not shrink or change resistivity values, and TerraFill® XT is particularly suited for use in areas of poor conductivity, such as rocky or sandy soils and areas of moisture variation.

o Effective-results in a typical resistivity up to 20 times lower than bentonite clay

o Dependable-maintains stable resistance for the life of the ground system

o Permanent-does not dissolve, decompose or leak away

o Flexible-can be installed using Trench (Horizontal) or Ground Rod (Vertical) Backfill methods

o Secure-excellent solution for prevention of copper theft

o Simple-easily installed in a slurry form

o Environmentally Friendly-meets EPA requirements for landfill

o Functional-performs in all soil conditions, even during dry periods

o Handy-provided in convenient 22.68 Kg (50 Lb.) Bags

o Useful-aids in small footprint grounding system implementations and other special applications

For more information (press or general public) contact: Beth Chittum, 1-800-203-2658, extension 26 or online-info@allteccorp.com.

For more information on TerraFill® XT: www.allteccorp.com

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