Teletrac's Award-Winning Hours of Service Technology Gets Even Better

Drivers can now complete e-logs online, letting fleets comply using part timers

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. -- Teletrac Inc., a leading provider of intelligent driving solutions, today unveiled a pivotal new feature for its trucking industry customers using Fleet Director for fleet management, hours of service and e-logs: the Driver e-Log Web Site. This new software-as-a-service feature assists fleets utilizing both full and part time drivers by enabling them to fully comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) hours of service (HOS) rules for electronic logging.

The new Driver e-Log Web Site lets drivers complete their e-logs not just in-cab, but from any Web-connected computer or smartphone. As a result, fleets can more readily capture full HOS information from part-time drivers who may also drive for other companies. This enhancement helps ensure that fleets meet FMCSA guidelines. Further, dispatchers and operations managers can view driver logs and reports online, providing a real-time snapshot of the company's operations.

In addition to aiding fleets, the new Fleet Director enhancement gives drivers greater convenience by letting them view their e-logs via the Web. Drivers can also add information that may have been overlooked in the cab, giving them greater flexibility to complete paperwork to ensure full regulatory compliance. Drivers can view unsigned logs, sign and submit logs, add status changes to unfinished logs, and run reports.

A real-world example of the convenience this features offers users: driver #1 returns to the yard and leaves the truck. Driver #1 is still on duty but not driving. Driver #2 takes that truck on another run, leaving driver #1 at the shop to finish up his day. Driver #1 still needs to log off duty, but no longer has a truck available to close out the day. With Teletrac's new driver e-Log Web site for HOS, Driver # 1 simply finds a computer or smartphone with internet connectivity and logs off.

Of critical importance, however, is that once an entry is made, neither drivers nor anyone else can tamper with the e-log. All entries, including additions if any, are archived by Teletrac and tied to the user's ID, becoming part of the compliance record. Only an authenticated supervisor can make changes in case of error - all changes due to errors are tied to the supervisor's identity as part of the compliance record. Fleet Director completes the record by integrating HOS entries with vehicle status monitoring, such as "ignition on" and GPS location data.

The FMCSA recently issued new technical requirements for EOBRs, and Teletrac EOBRs already meet these new standards. Fleet Director already integrates its electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) with GPS tracking and other advanced features.

Further, FMCSA will now require EOBRs on all trucks in fleets found to have at least 10 percent violations in their HOS logs. Many observers think FMCSA will eventually require EOBRs on entire classes of vehicles, regardless of prior compliance. Teletrac-equipped fleets will already be in compliance, even if they had been deemed a violator under FMCSA rules.

Already proven and trusted by more than 10,000 fleets in the U.S. alone, Teletrac's Fleet Director locates, tracks and monitors the position and operation of fleet vehicles, giving fleet managers unprecedented visibility into operations - delivering cost-saving efficiencies such as real-time GPS tracking of vehicles from the desktop, automatic route optimization, and detailed reporting for advanced decision support and efficient regulatory compliance.

Fleet Director HOS eliminates costly paperwork and violations, and reduces audit risk. It automates HOS tracking and reporting and integrates with the electronic on-board recorder (EOBRs) to help ensure full FMCSA and DOT compliance, providing accurate logs and tamper-proof archiving.

"We are continually striving to improve our Fleet Director solution that offers benefits to both drivers and managers," stated Drew Hamilton, executive vice president, Teletrac. "We will continue to use the latest technologies and innovations to add new components to better serve our customers. The Driver e-Log Web site is one such example, providing drivers the convenience and flexibility to complete their e-logs while meeting compliance guidelines."

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Already proven and trusted by more than 10,000 fleets, in the US alone, Teletrac's flagship solution, Fleet Director, saves fleet owners time, money, and reduces their carbon footprint. Teletrac customers report up to 30% lower fuel usage, an average of 15% less driver overtime, 12% higher productivity and less unauthorized vehicle use.

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