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Teleste Brings Intelligent Networks to Mainstream


Teleste, an international technology group specialised in broadband video and data communication systems and services, today announces several new products and solutions to its Intelligent Networks product family. New additions include the AC8700 intelligent node for deep-fibre networks, digital return path transmitter for top-of-the-line AC9000 node, and the Optimo transcoder for multi-screen delivery. Intelligent Networks technology can reduce network operating costs by even up to 50 percent. At ANGA Cable, Teleste showcases real-world examples of the impact Intelligent Networks technology can have by highlighting Stofa's network that utilizes Intelligent Networks technology and the recently signed framework agreement with UPC Broadband for the delivery of Intelligent Networks products.

Additionally, Teleste launched the Network Genius iPad game that lets players try their hand in maintaining a cable network through a fun computer game available on App Store [].

"Traditionally, the main reason for high operating expenses in cable networks has been manual maintenance. We believe that it doesn't have to be. Our customers share the same conviction with us and have keenly adopted the Intelligent Networks philosophy. Real world examples clearly show that by utilizing intelligent network devices and management software, operators can reduce OPEX and service outages, provide better service to end-users, and eventually reduce churn," says Hanno Narjus, SVP, Video and Broadband Solutions, Teleste.

Intelligent Networks deliver impressive results at Stofa

The Danish triple play operator Stofa, which provides TV, broadband, and telephony services to a customer base of 400,000 Cable-TV households and 170,000 broadband subscribers relies on Teleste Intelligent Networks technology. The company set out to build and operate a cost-effective, future-proof, and high-quality Cable-TV network with a special focus on high customer satisfaction. Stofa selected Teleste's Intelligent Network platform to build an HFC network that can be fully configured and monitored remotely all the way to the last optical node and amplifier. Today, Stofa's networks equipped with Teleste's intelligent Network technology cover more than 250.000 households.

"With Intelligent Network technology, we can quickly get an overview of network health, pinpoint problems geographically and quickly repair any potential problems. This reduces repair times and lowers operating costs significantly," says Thomas Helbo, CTO, Stofa.

UPC Broadband builds on Intelligent Networks

Teleste and Liberty Global, Inc.'s UPC Broadband division recently signed an agreement [] for the delivery of Teleste's Intelligent Networks products to Liberty Global's operations across Europe. The new optical node platform allows cable operators to reduce both the network upgrade costs as well as improve subscriber service availability as the installation time can be minimized due to intelligence embedded in the product. The value of the agreement is estimated to exceed EUR 10 million until end of 2017.

Teleste Extends Intelligent Networks Offering

At ANGA Cable, Teleste announces several new products to extend the Intelligent
Networks family. Key announcements for the show are:

Access Networks

- The first intelligent deep fibre node, the Teleste AC8700, which brings intelligence to the edge of the network. Teleste AC8700 is an intelligent fibre optical node that can adjust itself automatically and adapt to changing demands of the networks. Featuring very high capacity, the AC8700 enables operators to connect twice the amount of subscribers to the network.

- Digital return path transmitter for AC9000 doubles the capacity of existing networks without the need to install new fibre connections. Digital return path offers an easy way to increase capacity of existing fibres. This new technology provides savings on fibre infrastructure costs while ensuring excellent upstream signal and allowing longer fibre links. At ANGA Cable 2012, Teleste will introduce the DOCSIS transponder for the AC9000 node.

- Extensions to CXE family of fibre optic network devices, which bring broadband operators the best choices for economical and reliable fibre optic nodes. New additions to the product family are the CXE810 optical receiver, CXE852 dual optical receiver with remote management, and the CXE860 universal optical node.

- New downstream C-band optical transmission HDO-modules. At ANGA Cable, Teleste introduces new HDO modules to complement a product family that covers full range of headend optics and provides high capacity in a cost-effective way. The HDO family concept includes the HDO772 fibre transmitter with the HDO750 series optical amplifiers. The HDO772 is a directly modulated forward path transmitter that answers that offers high-quality performance with lower power consumption while the HDO750 series products allow pay- as-you-grow modularity with high density and low footprint. Combining the HDO772 and HDO750 series makes a powerful pair for C-band optical transmission.

Headend offering

- New Teleste Optimo transcoder for Cable TV, broadcast IPTV and OTT applications. Optimo introduces adaptive streaming with multiscreen transcoding and advanced image enhancement, which enable operators to provide video efficiently to almost any device. The new Optimo complements Teleste Luminato digital head-end platform and gives operators true multiscreen transcoding capability in a very compact solution. Optimo can transcode from one or more input streams to several output resolutions simultaneously. It automatically adjusts bitrates to fit available bandwidth and end device resolution while maintaining the precise ratio of quality to bit rate.

- Luminato head-end platform will be enhanced with an FEC codec module, which brings advanced IP forward error correction to Luminato.

Network Services

- Rapidly changing business environment and increasing demand for more network services challenge modern HFC and Cable TV network operators. At ANGA Cable 2012, Teleste will highlight its Network Services unit, which helps operators design, maintain and upgrade cable networks. Teleste Network Services operates in several European countries and it is the leading network service company in the German markets. Teleste Network Services is a trusted partner with local understanding who knows operators reality, needs and challenges. Through close collaboration with customers and highly skilled workforce, Teleste Network Services helps operators lower network infrastructure lifespan costs and develop their business.

World Premier: Network Genius iPad game

- Network Genius iPad game, the first game ever to feature cable network maintenance! The game highlights in an entertaining way the benefits of the Intelligent Networks concept, and challenges the players to test their skills and see who has the wits to manage a network occasionally troubled by errors. The game works on iPads and is now available for free download from App Store [] (

About Teleste

Teleste is an international technology group founded in 1954, which is specialised in
broadband video and data communication systems and services. The group is active in two
business segments, Video and Broadband Solutions and Network Services; in both fields, we are among the global leaders. Video is at the core of our business activities, with a focus on the processing, transmission and management of video and data for operators and public authorities who provide multiple video-related information, entertainment and security services to end-users. Video and Broadband Solutions business segment has the emphasis on product solutions for broadband access networks, video service platforms and video surveillance applications. Network Services segment deliver comprehensive network service solutions including new construction, rebuilding, upgrading, planning and maintenance services of cable networks. In 2011 the group's net sales totalled EUR 184 million and the group employed 1319 persons at the year-end. The company has approximately 30 offices world-wide and over 90% of Teleste's net sales are generated outside Finland. The company is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. www.teleste.comfor more information.

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