Telemetrica Telemetria & Sistemas Inc, Is Installing Electrone Americas Popular Numeric Keypad 720s to Their Vehicle Remote Control and Monitoring System

SANTIAGO, Chile, April 24 /-- Electrone Americas announces the implementation of its popular 720 Numeric Keypad to Telemetrica monitoring system, the system is based in GSM/GPRS technology capable of sending and receiving information automatically.

Telemetrica will place an Electrone 720 S in each vehicle, the Electrone Keypad allows interactive monitoring for the system; drivers or supervisors can enter data by pressing the keys on the keypad or receive the data from Telemetrica's system and displays it on the LCD screen. Users can also navigate trough the displayed menu by pressing the keys.

The keypad features a 2x16 LCD character display and a 17-key arrangement and it meets the RoHS environmental standard. The Telemetrica monitoring systems enables a real time supervision of vehicle position and performance; with the addition of the Electrone 720 keypad, details of driver ID and load can be entered from the vehicle.

"A really clever device that has enabled new features in our product offering. Our customers have been excited on the potential of these new features for enhancing their businesses," says Alberto Herrerias - Telemetrica, Chile.

The Electrone 720 offers multiple interfaces including Serial, USB, TCPIP and POE for internet applications. This capability makes the Electrone 720 a special device able to perform in multiple applications and industries.

The 720 has been successfully implemented from Chile to China in industries as diverse as meat auctions, online printing services, and fuel vending, in addition to this on board vehicle monitoring application.

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