TED Magazine Posts ZEUS Battery Products Alkaline Battery Flashlight Video

BLOOMINGDALE, IL. - TED Magazine, the voice for the electrical distribution channel, has published ZEUS Battery Products' Alkaline Battery Flashlight Comparison Test YouTube video on its website. This time-lapsed video illustrating a series of alkaline batteries used in standard flashlights helps determine which leading alkaline battery offers the best overall performance.

ZEUS Battery Products decided to conduct this in-house comparison test pitting their own brand against 4 others, (left to right) Energizer, Rayovac, ZEUS, Duracell and a store brand. They loaded 2 D-cell batteries into identical flashlights using Maglite® Krypton bulbs turning them on, starting the camera and the timer. The goal of this test was to prove which batteries are the better value - taking longevity and price into account.

To learn more about the power of ZEUS alkaline batteries, watch the video clip directly on TED Magazine's website at www.tedmag.com/tedtv.aspx?id=12027, or find the video on YouTube www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zaj32WZ_DZA. Share the outcome with your family and friends.

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