Techbuyer Publishes Server Refresh Research in the IEEE

Techbuyer USA, 19th January 2021

Techbuyer published its first academic research paper in the IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing this month. The paper, which outlines the opportunity for energy, material and cost savings with the use of refurbished servers, was peer reviewed by some of the foremost academics in the field.

The IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing (TSUSC) is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing high quality papers that explore the different aspects of sustainable computing, over a wide range of problem domains and technologies from IT software and hardware designs to applications. Sustainability includes energy efficiency, natural resources preservation, and use of multiple energy sources as needed in computing devices and infrastructure.

“Being the first to prove that refurbished servers can out-perform new generations in terms of performance, energy efficiency and environmental benefits when configured properly is an incredibly proud moment for Techbuyer,” says Kevin Towers, Techbuyer CEO. “The IEEE paper, which has been published as a result of a 2-year research partnership between Techbuyer and the University of East London, presents peer-reviewed evidence with never before seen findings. We are very excited to share these findings with stakeholders around the world.”

“This ground-breaking research has subsequently lead to Techbuyer launching its new business, Interact. Interact’s first software tool gives stakeholders recommendations to optimise their data center hardware. These recommendations can have significant results in terms of carbon footprint reduction and cost savings.”

The paper is co-authored by Rabih Bashroush, a renowned IEEE member academic, Nour Rteil KTP Associate at Techbuyer, Rich Kenny and Astrid Wynne, Sustainability Lead at Techbuyer who works on a variety of international Circular Economy research projects. It outlines the case for diminishing returns on new generations of IT hardware in terms of energy efficiency. Since servers account for a significant amount of the overall energy consumption of a data center, they represent a major opportunity for reducing environmental impact both during operations and in the pre-use phase.

“We have spent thousands of hours studying and analyzing the energy efficiency of different servers, so it feels incredibly rewarding to have our results accepted by IEEE and shared among research bodies,” says Nour Rteil, KTP Associate of the University of East London and Techbuyer partnership.

Incorporating data on CPU trends and the slowdown of Moore’s law, the paper uses case studies to compare the effectiveness of new and refurbished IT hardware. It also analyses the energy use of new and refurbished servers of various configurations. Finally, it contains cost analysis on the expected return on investment when replacing one generation of server with another, providing the first verified evidence that the latest is not always the greatest when it comes to server refresh.

The paper is available here.

About Techbuyer:

Techbuyer is a global provider of sustainable IT solutions. Specializing in both new and quality refurbished IT hardware, Techbuyer has maximized the IT budgets of thousands of organizations worldwide by buying, refurbishing, upgrading or replacing devices.

Interact is Techbuyer Group’s new business which was born of a marriage between the University of East London and Techbuyer. The two organizations carried out a two year research project to develop the tool, which offers scientifically proven advice on the best IT hardware to optimise energy and cost during refresh. Academic leadership was provided by Dr. Rabih Bashroush, a world expert on energy usage in the digital sector, and findings of the initial research are available in a public access IEEE paper.

Find out how Interact could minimize your data center’s energy usage, maximize your IT budget and reduce your carbon footprint at or message the team at

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