Tech Seminars for Designing Seals Offered by Web Seal

ROCHESTER, NY - Hands-on seminars help you better understand sealing design technology so you can improve your productivity while generating more efficient, cost-effective sealing strategies for your project. Web Seal customizes training for RD staff, engineers, cross-functional project teams, and supply chain professionals, as well as quality, production and assembly personnel, based on your needs.

When you spend your time creating a seal that ends up performing poorly or wasting money because a seal design is over- or under-designed or uses the wrong material, you increase your workload, bust your budget, and create unnecessary aggravation for yourself. You can avoid all of that by enhancing your understanding of the basics of sealing design technology.

Some of the most frequently encountered issues when designing a seal include factoring in:

• All of the operating conditions in which your product will need to function at top performance

• Specific installation and assembly processes involved in your product

• Safety issues

• Industry and environmental regulations

• Thermal interface/EMI/RFI concerns

• Lack of experience with

  • the unique properties and tolerances of gasketing materials

  • differences in seal manufacturing and fabrication processes

  • groove design

Whether you are new to designing seals into your projects, have a lot of experience with specifying seals but have a particular issue you’d like some assistance with, or would just like to be up-to-date on what’s new in the world of seal design technology, attending a seal seminar can be very productive for you.

Training sessions can be tailored for a wide variety of industries, including:

• Chemical Processing

• Climate Control – HVAC, clean rooms

• Electronics/Communications (EMI/RFI)

• Energy – power generation, oil and gas (mud motor boots, packing elements), solar and wind

• General Industrial –compressors, pumps, power tools, solenoids and valves, filtration, hydraulics and pneumatics, process control, automotive equipment, factory automation and material handling

• Food Processing – agriculture, dairy, viticulture, brewing and distilling

• Furniture Manufacturing

• Medical and Life Sciences

• Military and Aerospace

• Photonics – optics, imaging, solar panels

• Semiconductors

• Transportation – automotive, off-road, rail, forklifts

Using Web Seal’s expertise at a seminar at your site -- tailored to your schedule and your particular needs -- can improve your product designs now and in the future. Frequently, attendees looking for a specific answer for an immediate problem also discover additional sealing options they had not considered for other projects in earlier planning stages, allowing them to change their designs when it is least disruptive.

Web Seal will explain types of seal configurations that are engineered to function optimally for your specific project, for your company’s typical products, or for your industry. You’ll explore examples of designs that are likely to pose pitfalls, and compare good, better and best seal alternatives. To request a seminar, or for more information on Web Seal’s products and value-added services, visit

Web Seal has been an industry partner for over 55 years, is ISO 9001 and ITAR certified, and an SBA-authorized Small Business.

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