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TCA Technologies, Inc. - Guelph, ON, CAN

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TCA Technologies Launches New Website Highlighting Its Unique Machine Solutions

Press release date: Dec 03, 2012

Guelph, Ontario, Canada - TCA Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of custom industrial automated equipment, announces the launch of its informative new website at

The new site, which features enlargeable photographs, detailed text, and intuitive and user-friendly navigation, highlights TCA's innovative capabilities, along with its portfolio of groundbreaking industrial equipment solutions.

The current product descriptions are divided into industry focus (automotive, building and construction components, consumer products, electronics, pharmaceutical/hygiene, plastics and composites, and printing/publishing) and secondary industry focus (furniture, foundry, material handling, and thermal management).

Also featured are sections providing information on customer, product, and production support; employment opportunities; and how to contact the company and obtain a quote.

"We're very excited about the new website," commented Tony Davies, General Manager of TCA Technologies. "It will undoubtedly be a powerful marketing tool and an invaluable customer service resource."

For more information, please visit, call (519) 824-8711, or email

About TCA Technologies Inc.
With more than 15 years in business, TCA Technologies Inc. offers a variety of unique machine solutions designed to fit any specific application requirement. TCA's engineers work directly with customers to properly determine their requirements before developing concepts that meet their needs and deliver maximum return on investment. One of TCA's strengths is the ability to develop, fabricate, assemble, program, and test each system with its in-house staff. TCA approaches every project with a commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. The company's experienced staff provides installation, start-up, training, and technical support to meet clients' needs on time and within budget. And TCA invests heavily in research and development to stay up to date on the latest technologies in order to provide the best solutions to the industry. To date, there are well over 1,000 TCA systems successfully installed and running in manufacturing plants around the world.

Tony Davies
General Manager
(519) 824-8711, extension 248

Nolan Loy Son
Sales & Applications Manager
(519) 824-8711, extension 227