Talisman Adds Enviroline Monitors

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, JULY 28, 2008 Talisman Energy installed an additional 10 Enviroline Hydrogen Monitoring units this month to its network of upstream pipelines through Western Canada in a continued effort to proactively manage pipeline corrosion and integrity. The company has installed more than 25 Enviroline units since October 2007 and has been a strong proponent of the technology for many years.

As corrosion occurs and metal dissolves on the inside wall of a tank or pipe, atomic hydrogen is formed. This hydrogen migrates along the grain boundaries and inclusions of the steel, called hydrogen flux, and may get stuck inside the metal wall, or exit through the wall to the outside. Monitoring for corrosion potential by tracking hydrogen flux, an early stage in the corrosion process, is a 30 year old technology that Enviroline Monitoring Systems has updated with its continuous labor-free monitoring, satellite communication, web reporting and e-mail alerts, for instant, real time data available anytime, anywhere. Continuous real-time data provides tank and pipe owners with the timely information they need to correct a corrosive environment long before significant damage to the tank or pipe wall can occur.

Talisman Energy Inc. is an independent upstream oil and gas company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and active in 17 countries around the world. The Company is committed to conducting its business safely, in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible manner, not only evidenced by its use of Enviroline's proactive technology for corrosion detection, but also by its detailed environmental protection objectives defined in its Health, Safety and Environmental Management System, participation in the United Nations Global Compact since 2004, and 1 of only 60 companies to pass a set of environmental, social and governance screens to be included in the Jantzi Social Index® (JSI®).

Based in Pompano Beach, Florida, Enviroline Monitoring Systems LLC is the manufacturer of the Enviroline Hydrogen Corrosion Monitor, the only continuous system that can be used for both corrosion and process monitoring. Ideal for remote and high risk locations, this non-intrusive monitor requires no downtime to install or retrieve data, and reports early corrosion activity in real-time via satellite communication, web reporting and e-mail alerts. Monitoring of early corrosion activity enables operators to be proactive with their corrosion control programs, to implement changes long before corrosion can cause costly defects or failures in the pipe or tank. The Enviroline Monitoring System utilizes the more than 50 years experience of Enviroline Group, a high performance coatings and linings manufacturer, extending the company's mission in becoming a leading provider of technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions for corrosion prevention and environmental protection. Visit Enviroline Monitoring Systems web site at www.envirolinegroup.com/ems/index.html for more information.

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