Syzax Modules Allow Engineers to Configure Their Automation Solutions Directly on

Saint-Romain, France; May XX, 2021 – With a track record of more than 20 years in the automation market, OPµS SAS recently developed a linear motor axis system with the aim of addressing the growing need for superior performance and easy integration in automated environments. The range is being marketed under the Syzax brand and offers a broad array of ultra-configurable standardized modules.

Syzax has been designed as the most compact, modular and powerful axis system in the automation market. Automated equipment engineers and designers can harness the Syzax modules to easily create their own multi-axis systems to suit a wide range of applications requiring power and precision.

With the aim of giving its customers the facility to personally configure their automation solutions, OPµS SAS decided to create a catalog of CAD models with an associated configurator. That explains why it enlisted TraceParts' expertise to design 3D models for its range of highly configurable products.

​"Our choice focused on the TraceParts solution, because it offers our customers a fast service. It also means that our in-house teams have to deal with fewer daily requests for technical content, which has saved us real time and improved our competitive edge.

What we also like about TraceParts is that we can carry out email campaigns targeting a given audience, which lets us promote our products on a global scale," explains Thomas Burry, Project Manager at OPµS SAS.

About OPµS SAS

Founded in 1998, OPµS SAS develops and manufactures Expert in instrumental optics and precision mechanics, OPµS SAS operates in the following markets: space and aeronautics, watchmaking, semiconductors, electronics, microtechnology, medical, energy, telecommunications.

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