Syncsort Unveils Strategy to Enhance Hadoop and Drive Greater Adoption of the Big Data Framework

Commitment to Open Source Community and Announcement of DMExpress Hadoop Edition Focused on Making Hadoop Faster, More Efficient and Easier to Use for Organizations Seeking a Cost-Effective Method for Tracking Massive Data Volumes


News Facts

o Syncsort, a global leader in data integration acceleration and data
protection software solutions, today announced plans to contribute an
external sort "plug-in" to the Hadoop open source community as part of
the company's commitment to help make the Hadoop framework more robust
and easier to use.

o Accelerating MapReduce processing and improving the performance of the
standard Hadoop sort benchmarks are widely seen as areas where domain
experts can play a significant role in enhancing Hadoop and unlocking
value for the entire community.

o Syncsort's contribution seeks to enhance the sort framework in Hadoop
for all users by making it more modular, flexible and extensible.
Organizations simply use the "plug-in" to bring their existing
investments in sort technology into Hadoop regardless of whether they
are using Syncsort's DMExpress or another solution.

o Additionally, Syncsort is announcing a special DMExpress Hadoop Edition
of its record-setting data integration acceleration software that will
include Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) connectivity and the
ability to create jobs in DMExpress' graphical user interface and run
them in MapReduce.

o However, what sets the solution apart is its ability to dramatically
improve performance in MapReduce by shifting transformations to the
DMExpress engine and utilizing powerful new Hadoop accelerator
technology that Syncsort is bringing to market.

o The Hadoop accelerator will make use of Syncsort's "plug-in"
contribution to the Hadoop community to seamlessly improve the
performance of MapReduce jobs through sort, and will invoke high
performance compression as needed to deliver significant storage

o DMExpress Hadoop Edition makes MapReduce processing more efficient by
providing a simple, self-tuning alternative that dramatically enhances
performance and facilitates ongoing development and maintenance.

o The solution takes advantage of DMExpress' light install and resource
footprint to enable seamless deployment on all nodes in the Hadoop

o Initially available as part of a limited beta program, DMExpress Hadoop
Edition will be generally available later in the calendar year.

Applying 40+ Years of Performance Expertise in Data-Intensive Environments to Hadoop

o Hadoop Acceleration - DMExpress Hadoop Edition features proprietary sort
algorithms and transformations that optimize Hadoop. Elapsed processing
time for existing Hadoop jobs has been reduced by up to 40 percent in
TeraSort benchmarks.

o Greater Efficiency - The solution significantly reduces resource
utilization, including CPU, memory and I/O, while improving scalability
for less hardware requirements and associated costs.

o Easier to Use and Maintain - DMExpress Hadoop Edition requires no
tuning, no coding and no MapReduce scripting to significantly increase
IT staff productivity and enable greater focus on strategic projects.

Accelerating Hadoop Processing by 2x in Testing at comScore

o comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world and preferred source
of digital business analytics, has built and defined a market by
leveraging 'Big Data' to help its customers succeed.

o The company monitors, collects and analyzes more than 20 billion records
a day, amounting to terabytes of information, to provide unique insights
about users online and offline behavior.

o An existing DMExpress customer, comScore engaged Syncsort to accelerate
Hadoop processing and, in benchmark testing, achieved 2x faster
performance with DMExpress without additional hardware and with minimal
coding and tuning.

o The benchmark testing was completed on a 6 node cluster on Cloudera's
Distribution for Hadoop Version 3 (CDH3) and involved terabytes of data.

Supporting Quotes

o "We see tremendous potential for using lightweight, easy to deploy tools
like DMExpress for accelerating MapReduce processing and making it more
efficient," said Michael Brown, Chief Technology Officer, comScore. "The
benchmark testing we have completed with Syncsort has exceeded our
expectations and we applaud their leadership in contributing to the open
source community and applying their expertise to make it easier for
data-intensive organizations like comScore to build and maintain
transformations in Hadoop."

o "Interest in Hadoop continues to rise as organizations are looking to
increase the speed of their analysis on large data sets and utilize
computing resources more efficiently," said David Menninger, VP and
Research Director, Ventana Research. "Syncsort DMExpress Hadoop Edition
is designed to address both of these important issues by leveraging
their proven algorithms in combination with access to data stored in the
Hadoop distributed file system."

o "We believe that it is critical for vendors like Syncsort to find
meaningful ways to contribute to the Hadoop community and help make
Hadoop a stronger, more viable alternative for organizations," said
Flavio Santoni, Chief Executive Officer, Syncsort. "As customers
increasingly find that it is not economically or technically feasible to
track and manage their exploding data volumes in commercial databases,
we have a responsibility to innovate and provide solutions that address
their most complex, data-intensive environments. We welcome the
opportunity to work with the open source community and customers alike
to apply Syncsort's unique expertise and technology to today's big data

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