Supplies in Redundant Systems can be Changed in Seconds

Easton, PA - December 12, 2007 - The power supplies in Acopian's Pluggable Redundant Power Systems plug into the front panel, permitting a supply to be changed literally in seconds, without any need to deal with mounting hardware and connecting wiring. The system continues to provide uninterrupted output power from the other power supply during the transition.

The system consists of two identical plug-in supplies, each capable of delivering the full rated output power of the system, in a fully wired rack mounting assembly equipped with input switches, voltmeters, front panel output voltage adjustments and failure alarm circuits that provide the user with a set of Form C (SPDT) dry contacts that may be used to control an external alarm or other circuitry; they switch if either supply's output voltage deviates by 2 volts or more from the nominal.

Options include built-in audible alarms and ammeters.

The systems operate on inputs of 90-265 Vac, 49-420 Hz, single phase. Each power supply has a separate set of input connections, so that two sources of input power may be used to have input power redundancy.

Standard models are available with outputs from 3.3 to 125 Vdc, to 276 watts. Priced from $1,390 each. Acopian guarantees to ship within 9 days. A five year warranty applies.

Data sheets can be downloaded on the Acopian website:

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