SuperCom to Implement New Mobile Biometric Voter Registration and Identification System

Solution utilizes biometric identification, creating a centralized registry and ensuring "One Voter, One Vote" election process

HERZLIYA, Israel – SuperCom (NASDAQ: SPCB), a Global provider of secure solutions for e-Government, Public Safety, HealthCare, and Finance sectors announced today that it was awarded a contract from an existing customer to implement a Secure Mobile Biometric Voter Registration and Identification System. This new order from a customer of SuperCom of more than 10 years, aims to establish a more comprehensive and transparent election system to support the country's democratic regulations.

SuperCom expects to implement this system in less than 4 months and the incremental revenues related to this contract in 2015 is in an amount that is not material to SuperCom' expected annual revenue. The new contract consists of implementation of several interconnected EMS modules:

• Stationary and Mobile Biometric Registration stations

• Central Secure Voter Registry System

• AutomaticBiometric Identification System (AFIS / ABIS)

• Voter cards issuing and delivery

"Governments around the world are looking to implement new technology to create more transparent voting procedures and build confidence in democratic election processes," commented Mr. Arie Trabelsi, President and CEO of SuperCom. "We are pleased to provide this long-term customer with our advanced Election Management Solution".

SuperCom's advanced Election Management Solution (EMS) provides convenient mobile registration units and fixed stations, a Biometric sub-system, and a centralized management system.

SuperCom's EMS is designed for re-use, as needed, by the central electoral committee, for both local and national elections. Capabilities include:

• The ability to establish a centralized registry for the voters, parties and candidates

• Ability to generate a unique voter' identity and unique voter number

• Capacity to establish a centralized registry for election results

• Produces quickly, in real-time, graphical and statistical reports

SuperCom's EMS solution ensures:

• One voter one vote (using AFIS to guarantee unique and secure voter identity)

• Fully transparent and accountable elections

• Increases the reliability of the system by biometric identity verification

• Real-time registration status of voters and candidates

• Support different levels of elections

• Manage objections on voters and candidates

• Enable repeating elections easily

• Monitor and alerts on exceptional events

• Support multiple elections at any given moment

• Reduce the time of announcing of electoral results

• Re-use the EMS system in future national and/or regional elections

• Log any operation in the system for future investigation

• Manage the ballot allocation automatically and effectively

• Enable comparison and improvement of the election process over the years

About SuperCom

Since 1988, SuperCom has been a leading global provider of traditional and digital identity solutions, providing advanced safety, identification and security solutions to governments and organizations, both private and public, throughout the world. Through its proprietary e-Government platforms and innovative solutions for traditional and biometrics enrollment, personalization, issuance and border control services, SuperCom has inspired governments and national agencies to design and issue secured Multi-ID documents and robust digital identity solutions to its citizens and visitors. SuperCom offers advanced, secure mobile payments ranging from mobile wallet to mobile POS, using a set of components and platforms to enable secure mobile payments and financial services. SuperCom is a global provider of a unique all-in-one field-proven RFID mobile PureSecurity advanced solutions suite, accompanied by advanced complementary services for various industries, including healthcare and homecare, security and safety, community public safety, law enforcement, electronic monitoring, livestock monitoring, and building and access automation.

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Ordan Trabelsi, President, North America

Tel: +1-212-675-4606


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