Superbolt Expansion Bolts Solve Coupling Bolting Problems

Superbolt® Expansion Bolts are ideally suited for shaft couplings; as seen here on this Francis type pump/generator shaft coupling at a pumped-storage facility.

Coupling Bolts Overview: Couplings often require interference fit bolting elements for proper torque transfer. This makes manufacturing of the flange bores and mating bolts very expensive. For proper functioning of these bolts, high demands are posed upon tolerances and surface finishes. The coupling flanges often require further mechanical adjustments during assembly. Moreover, installation and removal of the bolts requires large expensive tooling and is a tedious, unsafe, and time consuming process. It is quite common for the bolts to be stuck during removal causing unplanned and unwanted man hours to remove and replace them. Also, it is quite common that the flange holes end up being damaged in this process; requiring further rework prior to accepting new bolts.

The Solution: Superbolt® Expansion Bolts replace close fitted or interference fit bolts. The innovative product design utilizes Superbolt's patented Mult-Jackbolt technology, along with a tapered stud and split sleeve, to eliminate the common bolting problems experienced with other bolting methods. As for the customer in this example, the bolting of the coupling was installed in several hours with simple hand tools. The customer was extremely pleased and even reported the unit had "less vibrations" in operation as compared to previous operations with the conventional bolting hardware. Please see the cut-away view for further details on how the Expansion Bolts work.

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