Suhner Offers Various Tooling Products in its Machining Division

New brochure details wide assortment of components for machine tool builders, integrators and end users in all metalworking sectors

Suhner, a leading manufacturer of automated tooling components, slides and multi-spindle components, has expanded its product offering, detailed in a new brochure the Machining Division. Known best for its drilling and tapping units, milling units, machining slides and other specially designed devices for high production work, the company continues to experience increased demand for its machining products and services.  As detailed in this new brochure, the Suhner Machining Division offers several new and enhanced products including flex shaft multiple drive system, QUILLmaster Drilling Units, TAPmaster tapping units, stationary and self-feed, flexible-shaft driven drilling units, POLYdrill multiple spindle heads, SPINDLEmaster machining spindles and SLIDEmaster.  All are designed for high-production work, especially in the automotive and other mass component market sectors.

The flex shaft multiple drive system works with MULTImaster drilling units. It offers up to 8 driving units, a motor rating of 5 HP (3.7 kW) standard and an output speed between 46-9,320 rpm. Optional features include a larger motor and a right angle drive.

QUILLmaster drilling units are self-fed drilling units, motor driven and pneumatic-fed. The total stroke is up to 4.9 in. (125mm), same as the controlled stroke. Furthermore, the QUILLmaster has a drilling capacity with  diameter up to  0.8 in.  (20 mm) for mild steel and a motor rating between 0.3-5 HP (0.22 kW -3.7kW). Tool holding options include ER, ST, ISO/CAT, HSK & custom.

Suhner stationary and self-feeding, flexible shaft driven drilling units feature total stroke up to  3.1 in. (80 mm) and controlled stroke up to 2.9 in. (75 mm).  The flexible shaft drilling unit has a drilling capacity with diameter up to 0.47 in. (12 mm) into mild steel. Available tooling holding options are ER, ST and custom.

TAPmaster includes CNC or leadscrews tapping units. Leadscrew tappers offer a total stroke up to 3.9 in. (100 mm), a tapping capacity up to .787 in. (20 mm) and a thread pitch between 64-13 TPI (0.4-1.75 mm). Available options are custom leadscrew pitches and crash protection on some units. Servo tappers feature a total stroke up to 5.5 in. (140 mm) and a tapping capacity up to .787 in. (20 mm).

POLYdrill multiple spindle heads include adjustable and fixed spindle heads. Drilling capacity ranges from 0.06 to 1 in. (1.5-25 mm). Minimum hole spacing is 0.27 in. (7 mm), while maximum hole spacing is limitless. Tooling options include ER, ST, JT33, Weldon and custom. Additional features are axial and radial compensation and custom layout/spacing.

The company’s SPINDLEmaster features precision turning spindles and slide units. The drilling capacity has a diameter up to 1.6 in. (40 mm) into mild steel and a motor rating between 0.75-10 HP (0.56 kW-7.5 kW). Tool holding options include ER, ISO/CAT,  HSK, Weldon and ABS. Available options  are coolant through automatic tool charger, taper roller or angular contact bearings and higher capacity spindles.

Lastly, the SLIDEmaster offers pneumatic, hydraulic and servo (ball screw) slide types. Stroke options include 6.3, 12.6 and 18.9 in. (160, 320 and 480 mm). Additional options include custom stroke lengths and higher capacity slides.

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