Stop Wasting Time and Space Carrying Multiple Charging Adapters and Looking for a Place to Plug Them In!

Stop wasting time and space carrying multiple charging adapters and looking for a place to plug them in! Quail Electronics unique USB Travel Power Station and USB Power Plate do the hard work for you, whether on the road or in the convenience of your home.

This quality line of smart device chargers features USB 2.0 charging docks that supply 2.1 Amps of electrical current to charge your device. This output is perfect for any USB powered electronic device!


· Smart Phones: iPhone, Blackberry, Evo, Droid, Galaxy ...

· MP3 Players: iPod, Sansa, Dreamscreen, Zune ...

· E-Readers: Kindle, Nook ...

· Tablet PCs: iPad, Surface, Zoom ...

Each of Quail Electronics USB compatible chargers multiplies the number of outlets by 3 and offers 2 USB docks, meaning these products save space by allowing you to plug in 5 devices while only using 1 outlet! Also, the Power Station and the Power Plate have LED indicator lights to compliment sleek designs, letting you know your devices are powered!

The Power Station and Power Plate offer an extra layer of protection because they feature Fireproof X3MOV Surge Protection technology. Protect the devices that connect you to your friends and family with premium surge resistance!


· Charge smartphones, mp3 players, e-readers,

· 2 USB Charger Ports (5V/ 2.1A) tablet PCs, and more!

· Bright LED Indicator

· Save Space and Time!

· Turn 1 Outlet into 3!

· Premium Surge Protection

· Connect 5 Devices at Once!


The USB Travel Adapter utilizes a folding travel plug that flips open to charge your devices, then folds away to safely store away. With so many power options, this charger is the number 1 device for the professional on the move! Never let this handy tool leave your personal effects!

USB Travel Power Station
Part Number 0701.W
Number of Outlets 3
Number of USB Ports 2
Max Output 1800 Watts
LED Surge Indicator
Fireproof X3MOV Surge Protection
Joules of Surge Protection 612J
Clamping Voltage 1000V
Flip Down Plug
PDF Specs 0701.W
Price $18.99


The USB Power Plate has a permanent-placement option. Using the screw set included, you can lock the Power Plate into place and insure charging availability when you need it! Also, the Power Plate features EMI/RFI removal up to 40 db of electromagnetic interference removal to protect signals and data!

USB Power Plate

USB Power Plate
Part Number 0702.W
Number of Outlets 3
Number of USB Ports 2
Max Output 1800 Watts
LED Surge Indicator
Fireproof X3MOV Surge Protection
Joules of Surge Protection 540J
Clamping Voltage 500V
Permanent Placement Option
EMI/RFI Removal 40 db
PDF Specs 0702.W
Price $19.99

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