Stanley Vidmar Introduces New Enhancements to Automotive Technician's Center

New additions help bring efficiency, organization to service centers

Allentown, Pa. (January 2, 2008) - Stanley Vidmar has introduced a host of enhancements designed to provide added flexibility and configuration options to their modular Automotive Technician's Center (ATC) storage solution. The new additions combine to make the ATC one of the most versatile workspace and storage solutions for service center applications.

The ATC is a state-of-the-art tool and equipment storage center combined with a technician's bench and overhead storage. Integrated lift controls, hose reels, and computer workstations help keep the shop floor organized and improve safety and security. The new accessories-including a lift motor enclosure, oil drum housing, and Plexiglas monitor door-help to make this flexible, convenient storage solution the ideal work center for automotive technicians.

Oil Drum Housing
A new protective housing provides convenient, easy-to-access storage for portable oil drain drums in automotive service centers. The housing is designed to bring added security, safety, and organization to the shop floor by providing a dedicated space for portable oil drain drums. A hinged door allows quick, efficient access to the oil drum, while an open-bottom design provides easy "roll-in, roll-out" storage and retrieval of the drum. The unit can be integrated as part of the ATC or utilized as a standalone unit.

Lift Motor Enclosure
A lift motor enclosure protects and conceals the drive components of hydraulic in-ground lifts. A sturdy slide-out mounting shelf provides easy access to the motor for any necessary maintenance or repairs, while a front panel gives a seamless, finished appearance to the enclosure. The enclosure can be utilized as a standalone unit or it can be integrated as part of the technician's bench. Hydraulic lift controls can also be integrated in the ATC, providing a central location for technicians to safely and easily control the lift.

Plexiglas Monitor Protector
A new Plexiglas door is now available for the overhead computer monitor housing to protect your valuable electronic components. The transparent door can remain closed while still providing technicians with an unobstructed view of the monitor screen. The monitor housing can be integrated in the overhead storage unit of the ATC and fits monitors up to 24" in width.

Stainless Steel Skirt
The lower skirt for the ATC is now available in stainless steel for the ultimate in rust resistant protection. The skirt conceals the leveling legs of the ATC and keeps debris and small parts from sliding beneath the unit. And since the stainless steel finish won't be harmed by cleaning solutions, oils, or salt, the new option helps to make cleanup a breeze.

Freestanding Riser
The Freestanding Riser eliminates the need for the channel strut frame that supports the overhead unit of the ATC. The riser provides a smooth, finished appearance to the back to the ATC, allowing it be to used in central, freestanding locations where the rear of the unit is exposed. The back panel of the riser is available in a solid painted finish or as a metal pegboard for added tool and equipment storage. The Freestanding Riser is available for all widths of the ATC overhead unit.

EZ-Mount Door
The EZ-Mount Door is an ideal way to hide and secure carts or mobile cabinets. The door can be used to create usable storage space between the ATC and another Stanley Vidmar storage cabinet or bench. Simply bolt the door hinge to the ATC and install a magnetic catch on the opposite cabinet or bench. The magnetic latch keeps the door securely closed, and a keyed lock ensures that the cabinet and its contents stay safe after hours. The door is available in 18", 24" or 30" widths, and comes in 30" or 36" heights.

Mobile Stowaway Cart
A new Mobile Stowaway Cart is small enough to be integrated with the EZ-Mount Door for easy storage at the end of the workday or shift. At 36" tall x 22.5" wide x 21 3/8" deep, the small version, shallow-depth cabinet on wheels is the perfect mobile tool cart for service center technicians. When used with an EZ-Mount Door, the cart can be safely secured, protecting your valuable tools and equipment within the ATC.

SwingMount Laptop Arm
The SwingMount Laptop Arm securely holds a laptop for diagnostic use or other service center applications. The arm features a flat, stable surface that securely holds a laptop, and the movable arm can easily be positioned for the most convenient access. The arm easily mounts to all fixed or mobile cabinets, including the Mobile Stowaway Cart.

Rubberized Drawer Liner
A non-slip, rubberized drawer liner protects tools and reduces tool movement when opening or closing the drawer. The drawer linings are available in all widths and depths and can be retrofitted to any Stanley Vidmar products.

Stanley Vidmar ATCs are available in a number of popular preconfigured models or can be configured to customer specifications. All ATC components are designed to integrate seamlessly with the rest of Stanley Vidmar's storage solutions, including modular storage cabinets, mobile workcenters, mobile cabinets, and utility carts.

About Stanley® Vidmar®
Stanley® Vidmar® offers storage solutions to all industries, with modular, space-saving systems that provide quick, safe access to parts, tools, and supplies. A Stanley® Vidmar® system can maximize valuable floor space while providing an integrated solution for inventory control. Customers can arrange for a free analysis of their storage needs by calling 1-800-523-9462. Detailed information about Stanley Vidmar products is available online at

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