Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosure Meets Stringent Physical Property Performance Standards for Customers of Shoals Technologies Group's Solar Combiner Box

Shoals Technologies Group is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, diverse Balance Of Systems (BOS) componentry for the photovoltaic industry. During the time we have served the PV industry we have expanded our product offerings from simple cable leads to include nearly everything between the glass and the inverter.

We consistently strive to rethink and reinvent the way the industry incorporates seemingly unobtrusive BOS components. Consequently we enable decreased installation time coupled with increased utility and efficiency --- supported by a corporate culture that emphasizes building lifelong business relationships via excellent customer service.

One of our product mainstays is the combiner box, which serves as an electrical aggregator for any photovoltaic installation. While there are many options for the electrical equipment that populates the interior of the combiner boxes we manufacture, one often-requested exterior option is the Stahlin non-metallic enclosure.

The reasons for the popularity of Stahlin enclosures is reflected in extensive customer feedback and includes:

1 - The critical need to prevent rust and remain in compliance with strict PV installation standards. Stahlin enclosures, because they are non-metallic, do not corrode.

2 - The need for enclosures to withstand torrential rain, wind and sun, while protecting the equipment inside from dust and moisture. Stahlin enclosures provide unique protection from UV damage because of a proprietary molding compound: SolarGuard®, proven to be significantly more effective in substrate preservation than any other option. SolarGuard® requires no field maintenance, and is provided at no additional product cost. SolarGuard® meets NFPA No. 101 Class A flame spread index. Fire retardancy meets UL 94 5V standards. Additionally, Stahlin's exceptionally reliable gasketing technology ensures a tight, long-lasting seal that protects internal components from environmental factors.

3 - Stahlin's fiberglass enclosures weigh less than comparably-sized metal enclosure. This translates into potentially reduced transportation costs and an easier installation.

4 - Stahlin's 10 Year Sun Up to Sundown warranty, offered with all Stahlin enclosures, is the longest such guarantee of enclosure performance in the industry.

In addition to the inherent characteristics of Stahlin fiberglass enclosures there are multiple considerations that drive Shoal's relationship with Stahlin. While we use an incredibly large amount of "standard" or "off-the-shelf" enclosures, we constantly have requests that are out of the norm for our normal product offerings. This could include hinges in alternate locations for entry, different locking mechanisms, or even custom sizing or colors. Stahlin takes all of our requests in stride and always accommodates our needs. Their ability to quickly and efficiently direct us to a specific product offering within their extensive catalog is a testament to their experience and history in the non-metallic enclosure industry.

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