SSP4749 / Platinum Cured HCR Silicone Touch Brochure with Samples is Now Available from Stockwell Elastomerics

Stockwell Elastomerics now offers a complimentary touch brochure featuring seven samples of the SSP4749 Platinum Cured Silicone / High Consistency Rubber (HCR) material, is now available online at

Philadelphia, PA, February 11, 2020 - Stockwell Elastomerics announces the availability of their new SSP4749 / Platinum Cured HCR Silicone Touch Brochure highlighting the SSP4749 materials used to manufacture gaskets and other components. The SSP4749 material is a unique family of high consistency rubber (HCR) that is platinum-cured. It can be requested online at: There is no charge for this tactile brochure.

This SSP4749 platinum cured silicone HCR material ( is an excellent choice for medical device (non-implant) applications meeting USP Class VI, food contact applications that need to meet FDA CFR 21 177.2600 and other applications that may be sensitive to outgassing or leaching. Platinum cured silicones are often used in medical and food contact applications as a result of the “cleaner” curing process. Because of this platinum-curing process, SSP4749 materials have advantages over peroxide-cured HCR or liquid silicone rubber (LSR) for certain applications. Further, a post-cure process will improve the compression set properties of SSP4749, making it useful in the fuel cell industry.

The SSP4749 touch brochure includes tactile buttons of the platinum cured HCR materials and has been created to assist engineers tasked with specifying this material in certain applications. There are seven different hardnesses, ranging from 10 durometer to 70 durometer.

“SSP4749 was developed to meet a need in specific markets for high-performance platinum cured HCR silicone“, said Stockwell Elastomerics’ CEO Bill Stockwell. “Specifically, application requirements in medical device, food contact and fuel cells drove the development of this material. The new touch brochure's tactile samples clearly demonstrate the materials' properties.”

Stockwell Elastomerics’ new SSP4749 touch brochure highlights seven products:

  • SSP4749-10 – 10 durometer
  • SSP4749-20 – 20 durometer
  • SSP4749-30 – 30 durometer
  • SSP4749-40 – 40 durometer
  • SSP4749-50 – 50 durometer
  • SSP4749-60 – 60 durometer
  • SSP4749-70 – 70 durometer

Data sheets with additional technical information are available at:


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