Spring Levelers and Vacuum Cups Lift Uneven Objects from Uneven Heights

Vaccon Company, Inc. of Medway, Massachusetts offers a line of spring levelers and vacuum cups for pick and place applications that require the horizontal lifting of uneven shaped parts and parts from uneven surfaces.

When handling sensitive objects such as fruit, Vaccon Spring Levelers feature a soft touch allowing compliance for end-of-arm tools to ensure that all cups make contact. This is especially important when handling large objects such as sheets of plywood that may be warped and the tool has multiple vacuum cups that must make contact.

For design flexibility, Vaccon offers a large range of sizes and travel lengths 0.2" [5mm] to 3.6" [91mm] to accommodate the necessary over-driving by the lifting mechanism to bring all cups in contact.

Vaccon's Spring Leveler design surpasses the competition. We offer large thru-bores that allow higher vacuum flow to overcome leakage and for rapid evacuation to ensure safe handling operations.

The Series 3 Levelers have high performance bearings that prevent binding from side loading, provide a smooth operation over long strokes and prolong leveler life.

Vaccon's expanded line of vacuum cups features new materials and sizes including nitrile, oil resistant vinyl, polyurethane, chloroprene, silicone, FDA vinyl and silicone, and anti-static vinyl. Vacuum cup sizes range from .093" OD up to 10" OD.

For More Information: Vaccon Company, Inc., 9 Industrial Park Road, Medway, MA 02053, Contact: Pat Kellogg, Telephone: (508) 359-7200, Fax: (508) 359-0177, Email: info@vaccon.com, Website: www.vaccon.com

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Company Name: Vaccon Company, Inc.
Address 1: 9 Industrial Park Road
City: Medway
State: MA
Zip: 02053
Country: USA
Phone: 508-359-7200
URL: www.vaccon.com

Contact Name: Pat Kellogg
Title: Sales Manager
E-mail: info@vaccon.com

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