Specialty Abrasives Catalog Products Cut, Grind, Blend and Finish

A new catalog of specialty abrasive products for use on stainless steel, aluminum, exotic metals, and mild steel that introduces four new products
is being offered by Rex-Cut Products, Inc. of Fall River, Massachusetts.

The 2007 Rex-Cut® Specialty Abrasives Catalog features a broad range of products for cutting, grinding, blending, and finishing stainless steel, aluminum, exotic metals, and mild steel. New products include: Fusion(TM) interleaf flap discs that combine a premium coated abrasive layer and surface conditioning layer for one-step finishing; Sigma Screen(TM) multi-purpose discs, Type 27 unitized wheels, and Type 27 finishing flap discs.

Providing a new easy-to-read index, application photographs, product descriptions and specifications, the 26-page 2007 Rex-Cut® Specialty Abrasives Catalog provides solutions for coarse- to light stock removal, deburring, edge-breaking, blending, finishing, and maintenance tasks. Their standard cotton reinforced abrasive products constantly reveal
fresh abrasives as they work, run smooth and cool, and are non-loading.

The 2007Rex-Cut® Specialty Abrasives Catalog is available free from:
Rex-Cut Products, Inc., P.O. Box 2109, Fall River, MA 02722.

For more information contact:
Rex-cut Products, Inc.
Robert B. Costa, Dir. Sales & Mktg, N.A.
960 Airport Rd. / P.O. Box 2109
Fall River, MA 02722
(800) 225-8182 FAX (800) 638-8501
e-mail: bobc@rexcut.com

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