Special Effects Give Beauty Products a Unique Advantage

What does your packaging say about your product? Does it reach out and grab consumers' attention or does it get lost in a sea of other beauty products? According to Business Insider, first impressions are generally made within 7 seconds. With the clock instantly ticking, being able to stand out immediately from your competition is crucial. This is why the top brand owners are relying on special effect additives to give their products a unique edge.

Making Your Packaging Special

Image is everything when it comes to the beauty products industry. From the packaging to the product, every piece of the unit is expected to mesmerize the consumer. To achieve this, companies are leaning on Plastics Color Corporation's expertise to help give their products a little visual stimulation. As an innovative producer of colors and additives, Plastics Color's team of scientists have proudly assisted corporations from all across the globe reach their target market through special effect additives.

Plastics Color can help you transform your packaging with a variety of different special effect additives including glitter, metallic, pearl and glow-in-the-dark. While it may seem small, the simple addition of these additives could lead to a major return in profit. Veronica Maria Jarski of MarketingProfs.com states, "Businesses have reported a 30 percent increase in consumer interest when those businesses show a strong attention to packaging." This goes to show, the investment in even the smallest detail can go a long way. The simple addition of special effect additives can be the defining piece your product package has been missing.

The Beauty of Special Effect Additives

Special effect additives play multiple roles with consumer packaging.

First, these additives help draw consumers to the product. The shinning of the glitter or the light reflecting off the metallic can help give your product's packaging a distinct look to help catch the consumers' eye. Remember, consumers can't buy what they can't see.

Another benefit of special effect additives can help build brand loyalty. "Packaging is part of the ‘unboxing' experience, making it one of the best ways to appeal to consumers' senses and build brand loyalty," said Maria Haggerty, CEO of Dotcom Distribution. "Consumers are eager to share photos or videos of an online order they have received, especially if it comes in branded or gift-like packaging," said Haggerty. "Boring brown boxes represent lost opportunity." Adding glitter, metallic or pearl special effect additives are the perfect addition to make your product package Facebook or Instagram worthy.

Finally, seeing is believing. Advances in Consumer Research calls it the All that Glitters is Gold Effect. They found that, "Purchase intentions appear to follow a similar pattern, with increased intention to purchase with low quality product when presented in the context of a highly attractive vs. low attractive package." Giving extra attention to details are not lost on the consumer — in fact, it's expected. The use of specialty additives can help make your package more attractive and will more likely lead potential customers to make the purchase.

Plastics Color Makes Your Package Special

Plastics Color can help you transform your beauty product packaging from ordinary to an eye catching, social media worthy, keepsake. With the help of a little dash of glitter, metallic or pearl specialty additives, you can help your product's packaging stand out amongst the crowd. For more information on how Plastics Color's color specialist can help transform your packaging, visit www.PlasticsColor.com.

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